6 Inexpensive Staycation Ideas For The Family


When life and work gets too busy and stressful, the desire to pack up and leave the hustle and bustle for a relaxing vacation could sometimes be too tempting. But not everyone could have the luxury of the usual vacation – nice luggage, a plane trip somewhere, lounging by the pool, beach or anywhere scenic, sipping cocktails and enjoying the sunset. Between all these things and the other needs and wants that come with a traditional vacation, travel expenses could pile up so high, much more with a family in tow. And even if costs are not a problem, issues with health and schedule could also prevent one from taking a much-needed break.

But just because these things are a concern doesn’t mean that you have to say goodbye to your summer vacation (or any vacation, for that matter). Nowadays, vacations do not necessarily mean heading out of town for a couple of days. You could still relax and rest with a staycation within your own city or even your own backyard. All it takes is an extra dose of creativity and effort and your getaway could be as fun, satisfying and relaxing as you want it to be.

Camping In Your Own Backyard



Who says you need to take a hike and head to the nearest forest to go camping? This fun idea could be easily set at home. If you haven’t found the time to enjoy nature and the great outdoors, why not start at in your very own backyard? Set up a tent, round up your sleeping bags and a place for campfire and make your own activities. For a safer alternative, you could use a barbecue grill to make up s’mores instead of an actual fire. Bring out your guitar and sing campfire songs to your heart’s content. Your whole family will be able to enjoy the experience and the proximity of your house would be an added security measure.

Have A Home Film Festival

Why not hold your own DVD marathon at home? Pick up popcorn, hotdogs, chips and dips and soda and invite friends for a whole day (or weekend) of just binge-watching your favorite films. You could also switch films to your favorite TV series and catch up on what’s happening in the show. Take advantage of your cable network and tune in to HBO, Star Movies and FOX Movies if you want to check out other movies.



Another great staycation idea is to have a spa session at home. If the idea of heading to a real spa is more than your budget, you could opt a DIY session at home with homemade scrubs and mask. Scour the Internet for do-it-yourself facial recipes, foot soak and body scrubs that you could lather on yourself for a relaxing stay at home. If you want to up the ante of your Spa-At-Home Staycation, book a home service masseuse so you could enjoy the benefits of a great body massage without leaving the comforts of your home.

Pool Party

pool party

You don’t need to be in a faraway tropical place to have your own beach and pool getaway. Get your tan by staying at home and lounging poolside. Buy cocktails, juices and barbecue some meat for your very own bar. Do not forget to turn up the music. You could also invite friends to make it a real party.

If you don’t have the luxury of your own pool but have a backyard instead, then it’s okay. Take out your lounge chair and take out the garden hose or switch on the sprinkler to cool you down when the sun gets too hot. Added advantage if your kids are joining you because you’d then be able to borrow their kiddie pool and splash water all over the place.

Visit A Local Museum


If soaking up in culture is more your idea of a vacation, then head to the nearest museum with your family and get mesmerized with paintings and art. Immerse yourself and your family in history and culture for a side trip of education.

Have a Board Game Tournament

board games

Buy plenty of snacks and drinks, take out your board games and host your own tournament at home.