6 Risk Of Sitting Too Much


A day is composed of 24 hours: 6-8 hours for sleep and 16-18 hours for other activities. Activities depend on a person’s daily task and type of living. There are people who spend most of these 16-18 hours working, travelling, watching television or playing video games. Some are obliged to walk around or run around and some works, the entire day, sitting down in front of a computer. A person who sits most hours of their day is at risk of various diseases and/ or illnesses. Here are a few of the possible risks of a person who spends most of the day sitting.

1. Obesity

Obesity is one of the problems the population of the world is currently facing. Obesity may be due to genetics or a sedentary lifestyle. Obesity is an effect but may also be a cause of further diseases, such as heart problems, liver failure, and diabetes, among others.

2. Heart Problems

Sitting without the presence of obesity may also increase the possibility of heart problems. The heart is a muscle that needs frequent exercises as well and this could be done through cardio exercises, such as running, treadmill, biking, etc. Sitting may decrease circulation volume and rate of the blood and is not a proper exercise for the heart.

3. Cancer

Sitting paired with unhealthy food choices, unhealthy environment may lead to cancer. Though cancer’s pathophysiology is a very intricate one, sitting most hours of the day is said to contribute to its cause.

4. Dementia

The heart supplies blood all throughout the body and the blood circulate from the head to toe. When a person sits most of the day, circulation is lessened, especially to the highest part of the body which is the brain. Lack of blood means lack of oxygen to the brain, and the process alters. The brain is a muscle which needs exercise and oxygen to function properly.

5. Diabetes

Type 2 Diabetes is the Non-Insulin Dependent type of diabetes. This type of diabetes can be mostly caused by a sedentary lifestyle, including unhealthy food choices and lack of proper exercise and can be helped by lifestyle changes.

6. Early Death

Early death may be caused by the following diseases mentioned above. This may happen to any age groups, race, ethnical group, economical status, etc.

What To Do:

Sedentary lifestyle is not the only possible cause of sitting too much. Most jobs require sitting in front of a monitor and cannot be helped. Here are some ways to reduce too much sitting in a day:

1. Stand If Possible

A whole day spent sitting is not healthy, to reduce the risks, standing frequently a few minutes can help, doing this during small tasks can be beneficial to your health, for example, during phone conversations, while to finish printing and many more. Standing is also important especially after a meal. It helps with digestion.

2. Walk

Take breaks and walk a little, walk to lunch and back, a little stroll inside the office won’t harm anyone and it will definitely help you. Walking helps with circulation, especially after sitting for most of the day.

3. Choose An Activity

Doing anything active is much more beneficial than just sitting, grubbing on chips and watching television.

4. Exercise Regularly

It is always said but seldom done. Exercise is important to the body. A few minutes a day gives better results than sitting. It is better to spend a few minutes in the treadmill than sit and play video games. Sports is also exercise, choose a sport you are really interested about and play it with some friends with the similar interest, it beats just sitting around.