6 Upcycled Furniture Ideas


It’s very wasteful to throw away old furniture. Perhaps you’ve tried having a table break one of its legs, or an old dresser replaced by a bigger, newer one. Since the item still seems pretty sturdy, you hide it away in your attic and have it collect dust instead of just throwing it out with the hopes of finding a use for it one day. The difficult part with repurposing old furniture is that it most usually requires you to be hands-on and use a couple of tools. However, doing so is a lot less difficult than it seems. With just a few tools, time, and effort, you can turn old furniture into something useful and practical. Here are six upcycled furniture ideas you can take inspiration from.

1. Sewing machine cabinet into cooler and drink table

sewing machineimage source

Sewing machines have gotten pretty advanced nowadays compared to older models. If your old sewing machine no longer works or if you’ve decided to replace it with a newer model, don’t throw away its cabinet. Instead, turn it into a cooler and drink table by adding roasting pan lids for the ice and drinks. Paint it with a bright colour to match the refreshing feel.

2. Sewing machine cabinet into vanity table

sewing machine 2image source

Another sewing machine cabinet style still includes the pedal at the bottom. This type of table is used for old sewing machine models which either broke down or you’ve decided to replace. The great thing about this table is that it effortlessly looks vintage. Add storage areas for your brushes, jewelries, and make-up then finish it off with a vanity mirror on the underside of the lid. To make it look more chic, paint it with a light colour that accentuates its vintage look.

3. Old door into coffee table

old doorimage source

If you have an old door sitting around in the attic collecting dust, it’s about time to bring it out. Lay the door down then add a support at the bottom to turn it into a coffee table. You don’t even have to repaint it or add any retouches unless necessary. The worn-out look of the door completes its rustic vibe. You also don’t have to be careful when handling it, such as by using coasters or preventing food and drink spills, because any more marks you make to it will just add to its elegant, exhausted feel.

4. Bathtub into sofa

bath tubimage source

Bathtubs are one of the hardest furniture to upcycle, but not impossible. One creative idea is by cutting off one side of it to reveal the inside then add colourful fabric cushions to turn it into a sofa. Paint the outside of the tub with a matching bright coloured paint as well as the tub feet. Cast iron vintage tubs are best for this since they’re more easily manipulated than acrylic or fiberglass tubs.

5. Closet into pantry

closetimage source

Have an old closet or armoire? Turn it into an efficient pantry for storing all of your food, kitchen spices, and needs. The main thing you have to keep in mind when you turn an armoire into a pantry is that you’ll be needing shelves. Ditch the hanging racks in the closet and replace it with a couple of shelves. Install a spice rack at the back of the closet door as well for small items and spices. Replace drawers with storage boxes and it’s done.

6. Coffee table into kid’s table

coffee tableimage source

Instead of throwing out that old coffee table you’ve grown tired of, turn it into a recreational table for the kids. Start by repainting the entire table to the colour you want then cover the surface of the table with chalkboard paint. Follow the instructions given by the manufacturer of the chalkboard paint brand you used to know how many coats you should use. To make the table even more suitable for its new job, DIY some matching benches as well.