7 Cool Crafts From Old Magazines


Magazines are one of the things that easily pile up inside the house. After all, a new issue comes out every month for every magazine brand but that doesn’t mean the previous issues are not interesting to read anymore. That’s why instead of throwing them out, magazines pile up on a coffee table, or a cabinet, or a magazine rack. But of course, a time comes when there’s simply too much of them around the house. Before throwing them out, consider turning them into something useful instead. Magazines are made of a sturdier material as opposed to traditional paper. These glossies can be used to make a handful of new things ranging from a simple bracelet to a beautiful home décor. Here are seven cool crafts you can do from old magazines.

1. Mini notebook

1 mini notebookimage source

DIY notebooks are increasingly becoming popular since they’re so easy to make and they’re customizable to whatever style and size you prefer. If you’re looking for a cover to your DIY notebook, why not use a photo from your favourite magazine spread? To make the magazine spread photo fit better as a cover, make a small notebook instead of a regular sized one.

2. 3D art

2 3d artimage source

A very chic way to style your walls is by hanging up a 3D art made of magazine. On a piece of board or any sturdy material, make an outline of the shape you want your 3D art to be. Roll up some magazine sheets and line them up side-by-side on the shape you made. Cut the ends of the rolled up sheets so that they fit within the outline. Secure everything in place using hot glue then add any minor details you want.

3. Mini basket

3 mini basketimage source

Paper is very flexible so it’s easy to weave and since glossy magazine papers are relatively sturdier than regular paper, they make great mini woven baskets. By weaving them into two layers instead of one, the mini basket will not easily tear and will efficiently hold small items on your desk.

4. Pinwheel wall décor

4 pinwheel wall decorimage source

It doesn’t take a lot of effort to make some beautiful magazine pinwheels that look great when layered on the wall. Accordion fold a piece of magazine paper then fold it in half sideways. Make some more then glue these pinwheels side by side until they loop around into a full circle. Make different sized pinwheels to make the layering look more 3D and use brightly coloured magazine sheets to make the entire thing more vibrant.

5. Garland

5 garlandimage source

Hanging garlands in a room is one of the most popular room décor trends nowadays but instead of using regular coloured paper, try using magazine glossies instead. Cut your favourite photos from magazine spreads into a triangle. Then simply staple these triangles into a length of twine or yarn or ribbon and hang it up in your room.

6. Side tables

6 side tablesimage source

Open up a magazine and tuck the pages towards the binding more or less ten pages at a time until you’re left with a semi-circle. Repeat with another magazine then place them back to back. They should stand sturdy enough to support a reasonably heavy object. Alternatively, if you really do have too much magazines, just pile them up on top of each other by the bed and place a lamp on top to make an efficient side table.

7. Wallpaper

7 wallpaperimage source

Choose your favourite articles and photos from your stack of magazines and turn these into creative wallpaper. This way, you can reread the articles and admire the photos any time you want. To keep it from looking too odd, use magazine articles and photos that are related to the room. For instance, tear out pages with recipes and pictures of food for the wallpaper in your kitchen, or pages with inspiring stories and pictures of latest trends for the wallpaper in your bedroom. Alternatively, you can cut out the pages into strips for a chic texture and pattern.