7 Creative DIY Crafts Using Magnets

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The property of magnets that allows them to stick onto metal surfaces, or to attract metallic substances, is very fascinating. But did you know that you can utilize this unique property to create tons of practical things for your everyday life? You don’t even have to spend much and you can do these projects by yourself. Magnets are indeed very versatile, and the items they create looks very pleasing especially if they’re attached on a metallic surface. You can create a variety of items from decorating to organizing and keeping things in place using little more than magnets. Here are seven creative DIY crafts using magnets which you can do to make your life easier and your home cheerier.

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  1. Magnetic Calendar

If the side of your fridge is exposed, you can use it as the base to make a magnetic calendar. The main concept is to create the calendar on the side of your fridge by attaching a rectangular piece of vinyl on its surface. Create the dates using magnets and bubble tiles adhered to each other. Now you can efficiently keep track of important dates by simply using the magnet of the specific day to hold the notes for that day.

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  1. Storage Tins

Magnetic storage tins are great for keeping your workspace neat and organized. You can use the storage tins to hold small items such as thumb tacks, paper clips, push pins, etc. To make the magnetic storage tins, simply attach a magnetic adhesive sheet at the back of the small tin container and at the surface where you want to keep it. Now you can easily access the small items from the storage tins.

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  1. Wall Terrarium

To make a terrarium that you can display on walls, you need an adhesive magnetic sheet, a tin container, and the materials needed for planting—gravel, moss, small plants, etc. You need to slice the lid of the tin container in half and glue it back in place to create just the right planter for your terrarium. Attach the adhesive magnetic sheet at the back of the tin container and at the surface where you want to keep the terrarium then carefully plant your small plants inside the container.

  1. Bottle Cap Magnets

Vintage bottle caps can spice up your fridge and give it a wonderful retro vibe. They’re very easy to make and they can offer a timeless design to your fridge. Gather up all of your favourite vintage bottle caps—the more colourful, the better—and attach a small piece of magnet at the back of it using an all-purpose, strong adhesive glue. Then just place the magnetic bottle caps on your fridge and enjoy the wonderful pop of colour.

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  1. Utensil Holder

Utensils are very hard to keep in place, especially the ones which you often use. You always have to dig through a drawer to find the utensil you need and you always seem to misplace the ones you use. Utensils must be easily accessible so you won’t have a hard time preparing meals. As a solution, you can attach a strip of magnetic tape at the side of your fridge or at the backsplash of your kitchen then stick all of your utensils onto the magnetic strip.

Image from livinglavidaholoka.com
  1. Jar Lid Frames

If you have a baby at home and you’re going through jar after jar of baby food, make good use of the baby jar lids by turning them into magnetic picture frames. Cut out your favourite photos into the size of the inside of the jar lid then attach it using mod podge. Use a strong, adhesive glue to attach a magnetic disc to the top of the lid. Now you can display your favourite photos onto any metallic surface like your fridge.

Image from A Beautiful Mess
  1. Spice Rack

Using a tin container with a clear lid, you can efficiently store all of your spices, making them easily accessible and organized. Just attach a magnetic adhesive sheet at the back of the tin container and on the surface where you want to keep it. The clear lid will make it easier for you to find the spice you need.