7 DIY iPhone Stands

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The iPhone has truly been one of the most revolutionary technologies that have been introduced to the general public. It has changed the way people communicate, handle their tasks, and use technology in their day to day lives. However, there’s no denying that iPhones can get quite pricey. With all the features and functions that come within the iPhone itself, it’s no wonder you don’t get a lot of other stuff in the iPhone package. For instance, you don’t get an iPhone dock or stand for free if you buy an iPhone. Fortunately, there are a lot of iPhone stand designs you can do by yourself, ranging from complicated designs to those with very basic designs. This way, you can enjoy your movies and videos, or type with a Bluetooth keyboard hassle-free without losing an elegant impression. Here are seven DIY iPhone stands you can make for your iPhone.

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  1. Paper Dock

For a really easy and incredibly cheap iPhone dock, you’ll need nothing more but a stiff variety of paper such as cardstock or board. Then, all you have to do is cut it according to the template, fold in the proper places, and you’re done. This iPhone paper dock allows horizontal or vertical viewing even with the charger cord connected.

  1. Pencil Stand

You can easily make the pencil iPhone stand when you’re bored in your office desk and you want to watch a few videos. After all, all you need is 4-5 pencils and 4-5 rubber bands. The main idea behind the stand is to create a triangular shape with three of the pencils, secured at one end with three rubber bands. To make sure that the pencils will provide enough support and will not slip off, use a pencil with a rubber end. Secure the remaining pencils horizontally using the remaining rubber bands to serve as the phone holder.

  1. Coffee-Sleeve Stand

A good way to enjoy your favorite show with that hot cup of coffee is by using the coffee sleeve to make an iPhone stand. Just rip off the top half of the front section of the sleeve then add two grooves on either side to efficiently hold your phone. You can even do it with the coffee cup itself once you’re done with it.

  1. Paper Clip Stand

All you need for this iPhone stand is one, large paper clip. The main idea is to cunningly manipulate the paper clip to create a slightly angled stand that can support your phone. Start by straightening the arms of the paper clip then twist it upwards and slightly outwards. You can even wrap a rubber band around the legs to aid stability.

Image from Instructables
  1. Binder Clip Stand

Another DIY iPhone stand you can easily make in the office makes use of two binder clips: a large one and a smaller one. Basically, the large one will serve as the back support for your phone where it can lean on at a slight angle for easy viewing. The smaller binder clip, on the other hand, is for stability.

  1. Card Stand

Don’t throw out those used-up gift cards or hotel room keys or expired credit cards just yet. Keep one or two in your wallet so you can make an impromptu iPhone stand anywhere you go. Just make a small fold upwards on one end and another fold downwards about halfway to the other end and it’s done. The small fold will keep your phone from slipping off while the larger fold will serve as the back support where your phone can lean on.

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  1. Cassette Case Stand

Save one of those old cassette cases from collecting dust by turning it into an iPhone stand. Just set aside the cassette and the cardboard sleeve, flip the case around, and it’s done. Fit your phone in the pouch where the cassette originally was in for a minimalistic stand. To allow a stable landscape stand, use a nail file to make two grooves on either side of the case.