7 DIY Projects For Cat Owners

Image from So Fancy

Cats are such adorable creatures. Although they may be nasty at times, their purrs and cuddles make all those scratches worth it. Even the Internet loves cats. Tons of memes and cute videos highlighting cats have boomed on the Internet in the past six years. More and more people are becoming cat-persons and have adopted their own pet cat. To show your appreciation to your purring friend, the way they show their appreciation to you by bringing you dead mice and birds, why not create a little something to keep your pet happy? It doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, you’re saving money by making things for your pet cat instead of buying some. Here are seven DIY projects for cat owners who want to show their pets how much they love them.

Image from Brittany Goldwyn
  1. Cat Tree

This project requires quite a lot of effort and is very ambitious but if you are able to do it, then it will surely be worth the time. This cat tree is made from actual tree that was enhanced to suit the cat and the house. Not only will you be making an efficient resting and play area for your pet cat, you’re also making a beautiful, rustic decoration for your home.

  1. Climbing Shelf

Cats love climbing up and down furniture and items. They don’t just do that to annoy you—it’s a form of exercise for the cats too. Make your pet cat a climbing shelf by simply cutting some square holes on each divider of a tall shelf. Make sure you bolt the shelf to the wall to keep it from toppling over when the cats play in it.

  1. Scratch Pad

Scratch posts are very important to keep cats from ruining your furniture. Cats scratch in order to maintain their claws, stretch their bodies, and to mark their territory. If you don’t have enough space for a large scratch post, you can make this scratch pad and hang it up by the wall for your cat to scratch on. It’s basically made out of rope wrapped entirely around a wooden board and glued into place.

Image from irsaindiana.org
  1. Hidden Litter Box

The foul smell of a litter box can waft through an entire room if left out in the open. Plus, it’s unsightly for visitors who are not used to having pets in their house. As a solution, you can make a litter box hidden inside a sleek furniture. A pet door on the side allows your cat inside the hidden litter box to do his business away from looking eyes. Of course, your pet might require a little training before he gets the hang of using the hidden litter box.

  1. Cat Hammock

Cats love to lounge and laze around. Give them a place to relax by making a simple cat hammock out of cardboard box and cloth. You might want to add some cloth at the bottom of the box as well, in case your cat is not fond of hanging out at the hammock itself. Make sure the hammock and the box is secure such that it won’t fall over when it bears the weight of your pet.

  1. Self-Petting Station

If your cat keeps jumping up on your lap, demanding you to pet him, you can make this self-petting station so you can finally use both hands again while using the computer. It’s basically made out of a wooden board wrapped in fabric with two toilet brushes making an arc over the board. Your cat will surely love playing with the arc as the bristles of the brush gently pet his fur.

Image from 101 Pallet Ideas
  1. Bowl Stand

It’s hard not to kick or trip over your pet cat’s food and water bowls when they’re just sitting on the floor. Even your cat tips them over from time to time. As a solution, you can make this bowl stand out of wood with two circular holes on top where your pet’s food bowls perfectly fits. This way, you can easily remove the bowls for washing and replace them in the stand.