7 Free Ways To Promote Your Own Blog


There is more to blogging than just simply writing content. You cannot just sit down, write and wait for people to click your page and read its contents. While quality content and keywords do matter, these are not the only things that matter in driving traffic and awareness of your blog. You need go the extra mile and market it out. If you want to have a following and to stand out from the hundreds of blogs out there, you need to promote your page.

There are numerous ways to direct traffic into your page, both paid and free. Check out the tips below on how you could market your blog site minus the extra cost.

Post Quality Content Frequently

Having good content posted regularly could increase search engine traffic in your blog. It is best that you approach this task with search engine optimization priority so that search engines could easily show up your blog. This is best done with keeping in mind keywords that are usually tracked in search sites such as Google and Yahoo and infuse these in your article, especially the title. Each post you upload serves as a new entry point for these search engines to locate your blog and display it for people to check out.

It is best to have a consistent schedule of posting so that your followers could also know when to expect new content. If you cannot write daily, do it in baby steps and begin with 1-2 posts every week just to get the ball rolling for you.

Post Comments on Other Blogs

One way to freely boost your log’s presence is to comment on other blog sites. Leave interesting, relevant and related comments on the topic of the blog post you just read. This would help other readers to see you and your “expertise” and would make them interested to check out your own blog site. Just ensure that every time you make a comment on another site, you use the same name and URL when asked for identification at the blog comments field.

However, it is advisable that you do not abuse this feature and comment something that is not related and full of nonsense just so you could put out your name and URL. Doing so is bad advertising on your end as reader of that blog would see that you have nothing interesting to say and would back off from your site.

Promote Your Blog On Social Media

social mediaMaximize the promotional power that social media gives and use it to advertise your blog to other people. Use social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to boost your online presence. Post a link to your latest blog post every time you have published it so that people would know when a new article is up.

Alternately, you could also leverage social bookmarking sites such as StumbleUpon, Digg and Delicious and upload great content there.

Link Other Blogs Into Your Post

If you can, add another blog’s link into your own post or you could also mention other blogs you have read for your readers to check out. Most established blogs have a “trackback feature” on their platforms and when you mention their sites and URLs, your blog link automatically gets published in the comment section of that blog post, giving your page added publicity and advertising.

Have a Contest In Your Blog

Doing this is one way you could engage your readers and invite new followers. Just be sure to market the activity well way in advance for your blog followers to be able to participate. Maximize contest websites to help you put the word about this activity.

Join Online Forums

Participate in online communities related to your blog’s topics and leave interesting and relevant comments and information for people to read. Add a link of your blog’s site into your name signature in the forum so subscribers could easily access it.

Add Your Blog Link To Your Business Cards

Apart from your business cards, you could also add it to your email signature so that people could see that you are serious about marketing your own page.