7 Pringles Can Crafts

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One of the most widely known potato chip brand is Pringles. Apart from its delicious taste, Pringles have become well-known for its innovative and practical cylindrical can design. The can takes up little space on the shelf and it’s very durable. You don’t have to worry about buying a bag of air or a bag of crumbs either since the can keeps the potato chips stacked and safe. Another great thing about the Pringles can is that 50 percent of it is made from recycled material. Despite that, it is still durable and can still be used for a couple of other purposes before it has completely spent its time and hits the trash. Here are seven Pringles can crafts you can do to keep the can from contributing to landfill waste a little longer.

  1. Flower Vase

Nearly any container can be transformed into a vase as long as it can hold water. Although Pringles cans cannot hold water that efficiently, it still makes a great vase because of its elegant, cylindrical shape. To let the flowers last longer, cut a floral foam into a circular shape so that it fits inside the             Pringles can. Wet it with water then simply stick the flower stem into it. To make the can look more fitting for its job, repaint it or design it any way you want.

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  1. Pasta container

The long, cylindrical design of Pringles cans makes it very efficient for holding pasta. Simply clean out the Pringles can thoroughly then let it dry. Afterwards, place the pasta inside, put the lid back on, and place the can in your kitchen shelf. To keep people from mistaking it with an actual Pringles snack, decorate the can with decorative paper. After all, it’ll still stay awhile with you as you can reuse it again and again as a pasta container. You might as well decorate it.

  1. Cookie Jar

The simple lid that Pringles cans have is efficient enough to keep moisture and humidity out so that your cookies will stay fresh for longer. Start by thoroughly cleaning out the Pringles can. Then, decorate the outside of the can with decorative paper, ribbons, glitter—anything you like. Fill it with homemade cookies and give it away as a gift or keep it somewhere within reach for a delicious snack.

  1. Bat Symbol Spotlight

Make a geeky project for the kids or for yourself by turning a Pringles can into a bat symbol spotlight. Cut out a bat shape that would fit in the middle of the lid of the Pringles can then paint over it. Once it has dried, peel off the bat shape to reveal a bat-shaped hole in the lid. Turn on a flashlight and place it inside the can, light-side up then put the lid on. Now you have a bat symbol spotlight to play with.

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  1. Gift Can

Save some money next gift-giving season by using an old Pringles can as the container for your gift. You can use the Pringles can to hold small-sized or elongated gifts. Just stuff the can with cellophane, crepe, or tissue paper, place your gift, then cover the outside with wrapping paper. The Pringles can will even prevent fragile items from breaking.

  1. Wrapping paper storage

Wrapping paper is very hard to store since you risk flattening it out if you just place it anywhere. As a solution, you can use a cleaned out Pringles can as storage. You can even place the cans side-by-side in the corner of your craft room to hold all your wrapping paper, decorative paper, cartolina, and other rolled paper crafting items.

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  1. Paint brush holder

Pringles can make a very efficient paint brush holder. The cylindrical design can keep the hairs of the brush from flattening out and getting ruined. All you really have to do is to decorate the outside of the can any way you want. Just remember to store your brushes with the bristles up to keep them in good condition.