7 Survival Ideas That You Need To Know – This Could Save Your Life!


Here are 7 Survival Ideas That You Need To Know

1.) If you find yourself without a clean water source? Grab a piece of cloth and 2 containers, put the cloth in the dirty water and to the empty glass, after a short while you have filtered water. Make sure you boil the water before you drink it.

water purifier

2.) Oil Lamp That Will Blast For A Few Hours. You just need a tin can and put some olive oil and a piece of paper towel.

oil lamp

3.) If you have a candle and you need more light just grab a tin can and cut into half and open it, place the candle inside so it will give reflection and the light will be protected from elements.
night lamp

4.) Instant Mosquito Repellent – Make some fire and put some basil and rosemary at the fire.

mosquito repellant

5.) Homemade Microwave – just grab a cereal cartoon cut it open and put some aluminum foil.


6.) Want to get a cooking fire going with a minimal effort, grab an empty egg carton and place the charcoal in all the slots. Seal it up and light the corner and enjoy.

fire minimal effort

7.)  Need to find a direction at home? Get a small silver metal and rub it against your clothing several times, place the needle on some leaf and floated in some water, the needles gonna point you north.


Here is the complete video instructions.

Source: HouseholdHacker