7 Things You Can Do With A Cardboard Tube

Image from Momtastic

Cardboard tubes are one of the many recycled items that are commonly used for creating DIY projects and for a good reason too. Cardboard tubes can be easily manipulated but they don’t tear easily either. They immediately come in a cylinder shape, making them useful for tons of crafts, and they’re made out of the DIYer’s best friend—cardboard. You can get cardboard tubes from a variety of items, some of which include toilet paper rolls, food-wrap rolls, wrapping paper rolls, poster tubes, paper towel rolls, mailing tubes, and more. Next time you encounter a cardboard tube from these items, why not keep them for a while instead of throwing them out immediately? You might come up with a practical use for them later on. Here are seven things you can do with a cardboard tube for the next time you finish up a roll of toilet paper.

  1. Minions

Not only children but even adults as well have grown to love and adore the Minions with their incomprehensible language and foolish stunts. If you want these Minions decorating your house or if you want to give your kid something new to play with without spending a cent, you can turn a cardboard tube into a minion by simply mimicking its appearance using coloured craft paper and glue. You can even make these with the children to enhance their creativity.

Image from keepcalmanddoityourself.blogspot.com
  1. Faux Metal Filigree

You can create a makeshift filigree frame using a bunch of cardboard tubes and any regular picture frame. Find a filigree design you like and try to imitate it using the cardboard tubes. The cylindrical shape of the tubes makes it easier to manipulate into a seemingly legit ornamental work. Use hot glue to secure everything in place. Paint the cardboard tubes filigree, attach the frames in front, then hang it up.

  1. Bird Feeder

Enjoy the sight of birds in your yard every morning by making a bird feeder out of toilet roll. Simply cover the entire cardboard tube with peanut butter, roll it on a plate of bird seed until it’s completely covered, and then hang it up by a tree outside using a ribbon, string, or twine.

Image from allthingspaper.net
  1. Poinsettia Christmas Ornament

Have your kids help you decorate during Christmas by making some poinsettia Christmas ornaments with them. Start by cutting up a toilet paper roll or any other cardboard tube crosswise to make one-inch thick pieces. Lightly press on the cut tubes to create an oval shape with slightly pointed ends. Paint these “petals” red then glue five of them together on one end to create the flower. Add an ornament at the center and it’s done.

  1. Bowling

Make a fun bowling game for the kids using a bunch of cardboard tubes. Start by cutting the cardboard tubes into similar heights to make the bowling pins. Make ten of these or less, depending on the age of the players. Scrunch up a piece of paper then cover it with tape to make the bowling ball. Arrange the pins into a triangle to start the game.

  1. Shelf

If you have a relatively sturdy cardboard tube, you can turn it into a gorgeous, minimalistic shelf. Just cut the tube crosswise to make around 3-inch thick pieces. Attach these cut tubes onto a wall to make the shelf design you want. Once you’re done, remember not to place too much weight on the cardboard tube shelf or else it might collapse.

Image from pinkwhen.com
  1. Desk Caddy

Keep your desk neat and organized by making use of a bunch of cardboard tubes to make a desk caddy. Cut a bunch of cardboard tubes to make cylinders of varying heights. Decorate each with any design you want. Attach the cylinders on a sturdy base such as card stock or board paper using an all-purpose glue. Then, just place your pens, pencils, brushes, rulers, or any other craft or office supply into the cardboard cylinders.