7 Ways To Clean Your Car


A car can be someone’s second home, especially for someone who travels a lot. And you should clean your car the way you clean your home. A clean car can make an easier and more comfortable travel. Some find it hard to clean their car, especially on the hard-to-reach areas of a car. Instead of paying so much money on car washing, why not clean the car yourself. You won’t need too many materials to have a clean car. This article shows tips, tricks and ways to easily clean your car. Here are a few ways to clean your car.

  1. Soap and Water

It is not necessary to have a complicated solution to make your car extra shiny. You can clean your car with simple things that can be found at home. A simple mixture of soap and water can do the job in cleaning the outside of your car. Use a soft sponge or a clean rag to wipe your car with the soap and water. Rinse properly afterward.

  1. Carpets

Most cars are with carpets, this adds to the comfort a car can offer. When the carpets get dirty, it gets too tiring to clean them. For an easier way to clean the carpets of a car, start with compressed air and a stiff brush. Use the compressed air for the small spaces in the car. If it is possible, use the compressed air to lead dirt particles from the edges to the center for easy cleaning. Use stiff brush to thoroughly clean carpets and upholstery of the car.

  1. For Extra Shine

Everyone wants that extra shine for their car. If so, you can wash your car with conditioner. This will give off an extra shine. By washing the car with conditioner, it helps the surface repel rain and it will give off a freshly waxed look. This tip can make your car look brand new all the time.

  1. Foam Brush or Paint Brush

One of the hard to reach area in a car is the aircon vents. Dusts can accumulate in these parts of the car. A way to clean it is by using a foam brush or a paint brush, which can be bought cheaply at any arts and crafts store. These brushes can help reach the areas which can’t be easily reached by rags or any other cleaning materials. Combine the dusting with vacuuming. This will then clean the air vents of your car properly.

  1. Tree Sap

Sometimes parking under a shade can have its consequences. A tree sap can then fall directly on your car. Tree sap can be a little hard remove because it sticks into the surface. The secret is to let it dry first before trying to remove it. This can help in easy removal of the sap. Wash the area with soap and water after the removal of the sap.

  1. On The Go Window Cleaner

There are times when we are on a hurry but the windows of the car are just too dirty. An easy solution to clean up the windows is to use baby wipes. It can clean the windows and provide extra shine to it. You can always have baby wipes on your glove compartment for instances that you have to clean your windows.

  1. Olive Oil

If your dashboard has become dull and dry, buying store-bought leather shiner is not necessary when you have something that works the same way. Olive oil works the same way, it polishes and conditions the leather of your dashboard, giving it a more shiny finish. It is a cheap alternative and it is also easier to find.