7 Ways To Reuse Old Towels

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A towel is a common cloth found in every household that helps in drying the skin, hair or surface. Towels can come in different sizes, lengths and quality. Since a towel is frequently used, you buy more every time. With new towels, you have old ones taking up too much space. This article will help you know what to do with these old towels you have, to give them a new purpose instead of just throwing them away. All you will need is creativity and spare time to finish these projects. Here are a few ways to repurpose old towels.

  1. Cleaning Rags

Brand new rags at stores can be costly and in the end these rags will only be used to wipe dirty surfaces, spilled liquids and etc. Old towels, also old cloths or fabrics, can be greatly used as cleaning rags. Since towels hold water very well, using it as cleaning rag will help in cleaning. Make sure to wash the towel before transforming it into a cleaning rag. Cut the towel in appropriate and desired size. Wash the rag frequently to prevent accumulation of bacteria.

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  1. Large Beach Mat

Since summer is just around the corner, there will be numerous beach visits and outings on the schedule. Store-bought beach mats might cost you a lot. To save some money and still have a usable beach mat, you can sew a few of old towels together.

  1. Ironing Board Pads

When ironing clothes, it is not ideal to use the iron board directly. This might ruin the cloth and destroy the fabric. Place or use an ironing board pad to prevent from damaging the clothing or linen. An old towel can perform the job just fine. Just place a clean towel under your clothes when ironing them.

  1. Bath Rug

Instead of buying rugs in stores, you can repurpose old towels into rugs. All you have to do is to find two towels with similar size or just cut two towels into similar sizes. Sew the edges of the towels. This rug can be placed outside the bathroom door or anywhere with the possibility of getting wet.

  1. Hand Towels

Paper towels are used in the kitchen mostly to dry plates or dry hands. Paper towels can cause a lot especially the good kind. To save a little money from repurposing old towels, you can cut the old towels into square or rectangular pieces and hang them or place them anywhere your kitchen to serve as dish towel or hand towel. Although, regular washing of these towels are necessary.

  1. Baby Bibs

This project will need extra creativity and extra spare time. Old towels can also be repurposed into baby bibs. Just cut the towels into proper sizes and shape and sew the edges. You can use an old fabric for the tie or just make it continuous with the bib and use the same towel. Sew everything together. Mix in different colors of towels to make it more colourful and more fun for the baby. Wash the bib regularly.

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  1. Beach Bags

You can repurpose old towels into beach bags. This can lessen the water that might get inside the bag which might be due to splashes or your wet skin after bathing. Bags made out of cloth or other material can easily get wet affecting the things you have inside. Though this project needs more time and effort to do, the finished product will be rewarding. Having a special bag for the beach can be a great idea to reuse old towels. You can then pair this bag with your large beach towel made out of old towels.