8 Clever Beauty Tips Using Petroleum Jelly


Petroleum jelly was inadvertently discovered in Pennsylvania in 1859 by a chemist named Robert A. Chesebrough. He noticed that oil workers would smear their skin with the gooey residue from their rigs and it healed their cuts and burns. Chesebrough experimented on it, developed it and came up with the petroleum jelly we all know today.

Petroleum jelly began as the go to salve for cuts and burns and for most skin complaints. But its uses have grown exponentially, from helping to keep diaper rash at bay to relieving chapped skin. Nowadays, petroleum jelly is no longer just a medicinal and household staple, but a beauty staple as well. Here are 8 clever ways to use petroleum jelly for your beauty routine.

1. For soothing cracked heels

cracked heels

Walking in hot weather in summer sandals can make even the softest heels into a dry, scratchy mess. Before going to bed, slather your heels with petroleum jelly and then put on some cotton socks. You’ll wake to softer, smoother heels in the morning.

2. For defining lashes

When you’re running low on your mascara, petroleum jelly makes a good alternative for defining your lashes. Brush on a small amount on your lashes to make them look longer and voluminous. Petroleum jelly is also rumored to make lashes grow longer.

3. For taming brows

Smooth petroleum jelly over your brows and keep them in place all day. Dab the pad of your ring finger in the jar, rub your ring finger and thumb together to distribute the petroleum jelly evenly then smooth your fingers over your arches.

4. For exfoliating your lips


Mix a little bit of sugar with an eighth of a teaspoon of petroleum jelly. Apply this to your lips then rub them together to remove flaky skin. Rinse off the sweet exfoliant then dap a little petroleum jelly on your lips to moisturize them.

5. For slotting in earrings

Putting on earrings can be surprisingly painful if you don’t wear them regularly. Next time you’re thinking of wearing a pair of earrings, rub your earlobes with a little petroleum jelly to make the earrings go in much easier.

6. For removing lash glue

Tugging at your false lashes can be damaging to the delicate skin around your eyes. To make it easier to remove lash glue, smudge some petroleum jelly into your lash line with a cotton swab. Let the petroleum jelly soak for a few minutes then peel off the false lashes.

7. For soothing dry cuticles


Rub a pea-sized amount of petroleum jelly on your cuticles each night to keep you from developing dry, cracked fingertips.

8. For keeping hair dye off of your skin

It can be quite tricky to avoid getting dye on your skin. Spread a little petroleum jelly on your hairline to protect your skin from getting stained.