8 Crafty Ways To Reuse Baby Food Jars

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In an average American household, the baby will go through over 600 baby food jars in his or her first year. Although the usefulness of glass jars is undeniable, 600 is just too much. Glass jars are such a waste to throw out since there’s almost always some purpose you can use them for. But if you just leave them be, they can take up too much space and start plaguing your home. Thus, it’s not very practical to keep washing those baby food jars and set them aside—thinking that there must be something you can do with them in the future. Fortunately, there are a lot of projects you can do to upcycle those jars into something useful. Here are eight crafty ways you can reuse baby food jars.

  1. Spice Organization

Clear out one of your kitchen drawers and turn it into a spice area to organize your spices and make them more accessible. Clean out the baby food jars, paint the lid with chalkboard paint, and use one for each type of spice you have. Label the lid with chalk so you won’t have to pull each jar out of the drawer just to find the spice you need.

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  1. Sewing Kit

A sewing kit made out of baby food jar is small and portable enough for you to fit in your travel bag or to fit any small space in your home such as a drawer. This makes it very easy to store and reach for quick mending. Add some stuffing covered in cloth on the lid to serve as the pincushion.

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  1. Photo Globes

Step up your photo-displaying game by using an empty baby food jar as a photo globe for all of your favourite photos. Photo globes are basically snow globes with photos inside. You can start making one by cleaning out the jar and painting the lid. Once it dries, place some fake snow inside. You can create the fake snow by grating a white PVC pipe directly into the jar. Laminate your photo to make it waterproof then place it inside the jar upside-down. Fill the jar up with water, close the lid tightly, and then flip the jar. Your photo should be right-side up with the fake snow floating all around.

  1. Mini Lanterns

Baby food jar mini lantern is a great, intimate way to light up your garden or backyard. It makes a great decoration for any type of event or it can simply serve as a source of light. You can paint the jars to match the occasion or you can leave them clear. Place a candle or tea light inside and hang it up by a string or by aluminum wire to make sure it’s secure.

  1. Herb Garden

Make your own little herb garden by planting different types of herbs such as basil, thyme, sage, and rosemary in cleaned out baby food jars. This way, you’ll be able to save a lot of money since you no longer have to buy herbs at the market. Label the jar according to the herb it contains and keep it by your kitchen counter to make it easier to reach while you’re cooking up a dish.

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  1. Votive Holders

Using candle or votive holders will prevent the fire from getting caught on anything and from getting blown out. Paint the old baby food jars and place a tea candle inside for the perfect mood lighting.

  1. Terrariums

Baby food jars make the most adorable terrariums. Terrariums are very easy to make and often require little maintenance. Plus, they look great on your desk or anywhere in your home. To make it even more fun, create a whimsical terrarium with tiny animals and décors to make it look like a small jungle.

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  1. Vase

The small size of baby food jars make it perfect for creating a minimalistic vase that will give all the attention to the flowers it contains. Paint the jar any way you like, fill it with water, and place the flowers with short-cut stems inside.