8 Creative Ways To Reuse Wooden Pallets


Wooden pallets are anything but waste timber. Although wooden pallets are most commonly used in shipping products and goods or in supermarkets, their uses extend far beyond that. If you happen to get a hold of one of these wooden pallets, don’t throw it out just yet. There are many different ways you can use it. You can combine wooden pallets, remodel them, or fix them up to create a bunch of new things. Plus, in doing so, you’re helping reduce the amount of trees being cut down by recycling old wood instead of acquiring new ones for projects. You don’t need to have a lot of skill. You only need basic tools to create wooden pallet projects by yourself. Here are eight creative ways you can reuse wooden pallets.

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  1. Bed

You can already create an elegant, rustic bed using only four large wooden pallets. Simply attach the pallets together to form a large square then place thick foam on top. Finish off by placing your preferred bed sheets and throwing in your pillows.

  1. Hanging lounger

For this wooden pallet project, you’ll need eight medium sized pallets grouped into fours and attached together to form a square. The first four pallets will be the base at the bottom where you can place your foam and pillows in to lounge while the second four pallets will serve as something like the awning as well as the foundation of the lounger. Attach ropes onto the four corners of the wooden pallet squares then hang it up outdoors.

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  1. Hanging bench

If the lounger is too complex and too big for your taste, you can go for a hanging bench instead. Just attach two medium sized wooden pallets side-by-side then remove the leftmost and rightmost plank. Secure two ropes onto these sides then hang up the bench outdoors or even indoors, by the window.

  1. Wooden stools

You can create many beautiful wooden stools using a couple of small, square wooden pallets. Stack five to six wooden pallets then secure them together, making sure that they’re sturdy enough to sit on. Top off the stool with a foam or cushion covered in brightly coloured canvas fabric to add a beautiful pop of colour. You can even make matching tables for the stools by stacking ten to eleven of the wooden pallets and topping it off with a smooth, flat surface like a tile.

  1. Pallet Wall

Although it may be hard to imagine, using wooden pallets to revamp your walls actually result to a rustic finished product that looks as if it was professionally done. Install the wooden pallets onto the wall as if it’s your new wallpaper and it’s done. You can leave the wooden pallets as it is or paint its planks with a bunch of different colors for a colorful, wooden wall.

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  1. Side table

You’ll only need a few extra wood and nails and about three wooden pallets to make an adorable, vintage side table that will look great with a pallet wall. You just have to make a square or a rectangle using the pallets and some spare wood to finish the side table. You can paint the wooden planks beforehand or leave it as it is.

  1. Pots and pans holder

Simplify the way you organize and access the pots and pans in your kitchen by making an organizer with a single, large wooden pallet. Basically, you just have to attach some hooks onto the planks of the pallet so you can hang the handles of the pots and pans by these hooks. The tricky part is finding a way to attach the plank horizontally on your kitchen wall. You can use some hooks and chains or you can try nailing the wooden pallet into place.

  1. Vertical Planter

To turn a wooden pallet into a vertical planter, start by closing up the bottom of the pallet with two to three layers of landscaping paper. Fill the pallet with potting soil, making sure that the soil is firmly packed. Plant small plants into the planter through the slits, set it upright, and it’s done.