8 DIY Bed Canopy Ideas


Canopy beds are incredibly luxurious and they make a bed seem more comfortable and cozy to sleep in. Thus, it’s no shame to feel jealous over those canopy beds you see on the internet or furniture shops that are definitely not within your budget. Luckily, there are a couple of ways you can transform your bed and add a canopy design. This way, you’re not only saving some cash, you get to keep your current bed as well, which you’ve probably grown to love. These methods range from simple to complex but everything is truly up to you—how you customize the design according to your preference, how you add the canopy to your bed, etc. These DIY bed canopies will give you an idea on how to get started on revamping your bed.

  1. PVC Pipe Curtains

Even if you don’t have a four-poster bed, you can make yours seem like one with a couple of PVC pipes. Basically, the idea is to use the PVC pipes as rails to hang the curtains around your bed. You can attach the PVC pipes on the ceiling above your bed using a couple of tube straps. You can also paint the pipes to match the theme of your room.

  1. Wooden Dowels

For a really simple DIY canopy, all you’ll need is a couple of thumb tacks, a wooden dowel, and a sheer curtain. Insert the dowel through the fabric casing in the sheer curtain then thumb tack it to the ceiling. Make a big rectangle out of curtains and dowels at the head of the bed to make the canopy design look more luxurious.

  1. Embroidery Hoop

You can make a round canopy that spreads out as the curtain drapes down using just one embroidery hoop. Fit the fabric panels of the curtain into the hoop then attach it onto your ceiling using pot rack hooks or the likes.

  1. Draped Canopy

This romantic, draped canopy is simple yet very dramatic. Installing one at the head of your bed gives a nice touch of flair. To keep the curtains up, you’ll need two wooden dowels. Use a lightweight fabric as the draping since the dowels cannot bear too much weight.

  1. Curtain Rods

If you want the same draped canopy design but bigger, grander, and with more fabric, you can use two curtain rods instead. Curtain rods are more durable than wooden dowels although they might be slightly harder to install. Attach the rods parallel to the sides of your bed then drape your choice of fabric in a cascading style around the headboard.

  1. Minimalistic Canopy

A canopy doesn’t always have to be showy. If you want something minimalistic, you can use a graphic textile as the fabric for a modern take on a canopy bed. Mount a grommet then put a rope through each hole. Attach this to the ceiling using a couple of hooks and screws. You can use this method to design any room and add a canopy to other furniture aside from beds, such as a couch or chaise.

  1. Decorative Tapestry

For a simple way to use decorative tapestry as a canopy, all you’ll need is a bunch of nails and a hammer, aside from the fabric. Just nail on the fabric onto the ceiling following any canopy design you want. One way you can do it is by attaching a part of the fabric on the ceiling directly on top of your bed then leaving the rest cascading down at the wall near the head of your bed to serve as a backdrop.

Image from mooremthomes.com
  1. Metal Rod

You can use a metal rod as a rack for hanging the canopy around your bed. Install the metal rod above your headboard so it forms a small rectangle then attach the curtains using a couple of hooks.