8 Dried Flower Crafts

Image from The Thrifty Ginger

It’s great to have flowers at home. Apart from their ability to aesthetically uplift a room, flowers can leave a heavenly scent that lingers on every corner of the room. Unfortunately, flowers don’t last very long. Even if you take great precaution and do everything you can to make your fresh cut flowers last longer, they won’t likely last any more than a few weeks to a month. Many people resolve to drying out the flowers and keeping them for sentimental or not-so-sentimental reasons instead of simply throwing them out. Dried out flowers still look great anyway, but doing so repeatedly can leave you with a huge stock of dried flowers. Luckily, there are a lot of things you can do with dried out flowers so your home can still benefit from them even if they’ve exceeded their lifetime. Here are eight dried flower crafts you can do.

  1. Christmas Ornament

Get creative and sway from the traditional Christmas ornaments by making your own using dried petals. Clear glass Christmas ornaments are available at affordable prices, and they’re all you need to get started. Simply open up the glass ornament and stuff your dried flowers inside. You can either use whole flowers or just the petals. These make great keepsakes as well such that every time the ornament is hung during Christmas, the receiver will remember the event or the person who gave it to him.

Image from AprilAthena7
  1. Bath Bombs

Bath bombs are a little more complicated to make but still relatively easy. If you decide to make some, it will definitely be worth it. Making your own bath bombs gives you the option of choosing whichever scent you prefer and which essential oils to use so you can tweak it according to the benefits you want to have. Stuff some dried flowers inside for a lovely surprise when you soak it in the bath. DIY bath bombs make great gifts as well.

  1. Room Décor

Just because the flowers have dried up, that doesn’t mean they won’t make a lovely room décor anymore. Leave the dried flowers in its vase for an elegant, old-age piece that will add a vintage touch to any room. This works especially great for flowers with large blooms.

Image from lizsasse.wordpress.com
  1. Shadow Box Piece

Often, the most romantic and memorable moments in your life will be accompanied by one or several or a bouquet of flowers. Instead of throwing out those special, momentous flowers, preserve them and keep them close by placing them in a shadow box. You can either put the entire bouquet of flowers in a shadow box or you can just take one.

  1. Potpourri

Perhaps the most obvious way to make use of dried flowers, especially those of different kinds, is by using them to make a potpourri. Potpourri is very easy to make and it requires little more than simply mixing up those dried flowers and placing them in a container. Not only do they make a great centrepiece, potpourri leaves a lovely smell as well.

  1. Adornment

One of the ways you can dry up flowers is by hanging them up. Instead of taking them down once they dry, leave them hanging on their strings. They would look beautifully whimsical anywhere in the room—inside kitchen cabinets or by the windowsill, dried flowers would make a great adornment.

  1. Coaster

By simply casting some dried flowers on a couple of wood slices using resin, you’ll have a bunch of rustic coasters that will definitely go great in any home or party. Remember to dry-press your flowers for a couple of weeks so that it easily adheres to the wood slice without leaving a lump that would imbalance a drink on top of it.

Image from Aliexpress
  1. Odorizer

Another way to make use of the lovely smell of dried flowers is by turning them into an odorizer. Basically, you sew a pouch out of mesh cloth, fill it with the dried flowers, and close it up. Now you can throw it inside any musty drawers or cabinets to deodorize the smell as well as to leave a fresh one.