8 Easy Hacks That Will Make Your Bath Better

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Not everyone has the luxury of visiting a spa whenever they want to. Usually, the closest some people can get to a spa is a nice, long, warm, bath. Having a bath is a great, simple way to relieve stress. The warmth of the water relaxes your muscles and the scent of the bath soothes your nerves. A good bath can help reduce cramps, improve muscle elasticity, and relieve tension headaches. Some even claim that the effects are nearly as beneficial as the effects of a massage. The best part is that baths don’t have to cost you much or anything at all. Since it’s the easiest way to relax, you might as well go all out in making your baths as comfortable as possible. Here are eight easy hacks that will make your bath better than it ever was before.

Hack #1: Secure your phone.

It’s very bothersome to always wipe your hands dry before you can reach for your phone. And even then, you have to be very careful so you don’t risk getting any moisture on your phone which may cause immediate damage. To stop getting water damage anxiety, simply keep your phone in an airtight plastic bag. This way, you’ll be able to reach for it immediately and use it without fear even if you’re soaking in a bath.

Hack #2: Know the right temperature.

There is an unspoken rule that baths should be warm. After all, how can your muscles relax if you’re soaked in cold water? But how warm should warm be? The perfect temperature should be barely above body temperature at around 37°C (100°F). A temperature higher than this would rev up your nervous system, making you feel alert rather than relaxed.

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Hack #3: Use a bath bomb.

You can get bath bombs for an affordable price and they’ll truly transform your bath into an at-home spa. There’s a whole variety of scents you can choose from. Simply throw the bath bomb in your bath and let it dissolve into bubbles. The lovely scent will soothe you even more and the fizzing bubbles will surely relax you. If you don’t want to spend a lot, you can make a batch of bath bombs yourself.

Hack #4: Use scented bath oil.

If you’re not fond of bath bombs, you can use scented bath oils instead. They come in a variety of floral scents such as rose, jasmine, and lavender which can help you reach a relaxed state faster. Simply pour the oil into the bath when it’s halfway full so the oil is evenly dispersed throughout the water.

Hack #5: Soak in a bath of tea.

Tea is loaded with antioxidants that are very beneficial to your skin. These antioxidants will help counter the damage that free radicals have done thereby preventing premature skin aging. It can also help in detoxification by allowing your body to release the build-up of harmful toxins that can cause body pains and strains.

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Hack #6: Pour in some bath salts.

Bath salts are very relaxing and rejuvenating. Soaking in a warm tub with bath salt will do wonders to your skin. It is also very effective at relaxing your muscles. You can also use the salt to exfoliate your skin in order to get rid of the dead skin cells on the surface of your skin that causes dry and dull-looking skin.

Hack #7: Light up some candles.

The bright lights in the bathroom can actually prevent your body from feeling relaxed, the way gadgets do when you use them before going to sleep. Turn off the lights and light up a few candles instead. The scent of the candles and the mood they set will further drift you into relaxation.

Hack #8: Make a bath caddy.

A bath caddy will make your bath-times a whole lot easier. You can make it from scratch wood and use it for your book or magazine, your gadgets, candles, drink, and more. This will lessen the risk of accidentally ruining your items as well.