8 Hanger Hacks To Organize and Maximize Your Closet


It’s very hard to maintain an organized closet. When you’re in a rush, digging through clothes is unavoidable, and when you’re always busy, it’s difficult to find time for fixing up the mess. Having a mind-set that your closet would arrive to the same state in just a matter of days makes organizing your closet even more unappealing. When you have tons of clothes and your closet is not properly organized, looking for a specific item of clothing will not only mess up your closet, it will take a lot of time too. You only actually need one type of thing to efficiently organize your closet—clothes hangers. There are many ways you can make use of hangers to organize your clothes, maximize your closet space, and save some clothes-digging time. Here are eight hanger hacks you should be doing.

Hack #1: Pant clamps for boots

1 hanger bootsimage source

Boots are lengthier than regular footwear which makes them so difficult to store. Either they don’t fit in your shoe rack or they’re bothersome at the bottom or the floor of your closet. As a solution, use pant clamps to hang up your boots. This way, they’re easier to pick out and they won’t annoyingly take up space.

Hack #2: Pipe cleaner for a no-slip hanger

2 hanger no slipimage source

Silk blouses and strappy tanks always slip off from the hanger. Because of the texture of these clothes, folding them is usually not an option either. Use a few coils of pipe cleaner wrapped around the outer corner of both sides of a hanger, near where the curve is, to keep your clothes from slipping off. Now you don’t have to dig through the clothes that fall to the bottom of your closet.

Hack #3: Use pop tabs to hang another hanger from a hanger

3 hanger pop tabsimage source

If you lack space to hang up your clothes then just hang it from another hanger. You can efficiently do this by looping a soda can pop tab through the head of the hanger then let the tab hang down. You can then slip another hanger through the bottom hole of the pop tab to double your hanging space for free.

Hack #4: Use hanging hangers to organize bras

4 hanger brasimage source

One way you can apply using pop tabs on hangers is by creating a hanging bra organizer. Make a strip of hangers hung from one another then hang a bra on each. Since bras are one of the things that can easily disorganize a closet drawer, using the hanging bra organizer will make it easier for you to reach for the bra you want to use without making any mess at all. Hang the organizer at the side of your closet or at the back of your closet door.

Hack #5: Turn wire hangers into flip flop holders

5 hanger flip flopsimage source

If you have a ton of flip flops and open sandals, you can easily organize them using wire hangers. Cut off the bottom part of the hanger then curl both ends upward. Loop your flip flop or sandals through the upturned wire for a cleaner, more organized way of storage.

Hack #6: Hot glue for no-slip hanger

6 hanger hot glueimage source

Another no-slip hanger hack can be made using hot glue. Simply put a wiggle of hot glue on each side of the hanger then let it completely dry. The dried hot glue will keep even your silk clothes from slipping off.

Hack #7: Use binder rings to hang scarves

7 hanger binder ringsimage source

Scarves can be stored both ways—either by folding or by hanging it up. However, some scarves are made of silky material that slips off easily so folding it won’t be an option anymore. To efficiently hang up scarves without using too much space and hangers, loop a couple of binder rings into a hanger then hang up your scarves on each binder ring.

Hack #8: Use clothespins to hang up pants

8 hanger clothes pinsimage source

If you don’t have pant clamps, you can DIY one using a regular hanger and two clothespins. Use a clothespin to hang up both sides of the pants on the hanger. Hang up a shirt on the same hanger to save closet space and to have a complete outfit ready.