8 Healthy Ways To Flavour Your Water

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Again and again, you’ve heard of how important it is to drink water. After all, your body is made up of about 60% percent water and it is important for the management and efficient functioning of various bodily processes. Staying hydrated is very important to keep your system performing at its optimum and to keep your body cooled down. However, because of how plain water is, many people find it hard to drink, and instead prefer flavoured drinks that are filled with sugar and artificial flavours. Although the fluid in these beverages can hydrate a person, the other ingredients can take a toll on a person’s health and may lead to diseases like diabetes. Instead of buying flavoured drinks, why not mix up your own flavoured water? This way, you can drink more water easier and healthier. Here are eight healthy ways to flavour your water.

  1. Jalapeño and Watermelon

Although it may sound like an odd mix, mixing some watermelon and a couple slices of jalapeño in your water will result to a deliciously zesty drink that offers extra benefits. For instance, the vitamins A and C in the watermelon will be incorporated in your drink while the capsaicin in the jalapeño will trigger the release of the feel-good hormone endorphins in your body.

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  1. Lemon

Adding a squeeze of lemon juice in your glass of water is perhaps the simplest way to flavour it. Not only will you get a delicious, citrusy drink, but you’ll also have a means of promoting optimal digestion. Drinking water with some lemon juice is best done before meals because it gets your digestive system working and prepares it for a meal.

  1. Cinnamon Stick

If you love the taste of cinnamon, then you’ll love the taste of cinnamon flavoured water. Simmer a cinnamon stick in a cup of water then use this as a concentrate which you can then dilute with cold water and ice for regular drinking. The resulting water will be all spiced up and delicious, plus, you also get the benefits of cinnamon which includes lower blood sugar and cholesterol.

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  1. Ginger

Flavouring water with ginger can be done in two ways: ginger in room-temperature or cold water, and ginger in boiling water to make ginger tea. The first method is a quick and easy way to add a “zing” to your water while also getting some of the benefits of ginger while the latter is the best way to reap the benefits of ginger. Drinking some ginger tea is good for improving digestion, and clearing your sinuses or throat during a flu.

  1. Apples and Cinnamon

Infusing water with cinnamon sticks, cinnamon powder, and a couple slices of apples is a great way to flavour it and to get a load of benefits from a single drink. The cinnamon will help lower your blood sugar level while also improving your body’s insulin sensitivity, and the apples can provide a helping hand against a wide spectrum of ailments ranging from Alzheimer’s to colon cancer.

  1. Herbs

Steeping some herbs in water is a great way to step up its taste. Use any combination of herbs you want, for instance, mint, lemongrass, and parsley is a great mix for delicious water. Crush the leaves a little bit before adding them in a pitcher of water to release the flavour then leave the herbs to steep overnight. Add a squeeze of lemon before drinking.

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  1. Flavoured Ice Cubes

If you want a quick and easy way to flavour your water, and if you want to have a variety of choices, then you can never go wrong with flavoured ice cubes. Freeze coffee, pureed fruits like raspberries and pineapples, or water and pomegranate arils for easy access to a variety of flavoured ice cubes. Freezing some grapes will have the same tasty effect.

  1. Orange Slices and Vanilla Bean

Infuse your water with some orange slices and vanilla for a quick dose of vitamin C and antioxidants. If you don’t have a vanilla bean, then you can go for vanilla extract instead.