8 Tips To Help You Gain Weight

Image from Information Nigeria

Nowadays, being slim and thin is the ultimate goal for many people. However, those who were born with fast metabolism know that being too thin is not something to look forward to either. Especially for men, having a small body build can leave them feeling self-conscious and can lower their self-esteem. There are those that despite eating often and eating a lot, they can’t gain more than a few pounds. It’s also important to remember that there is a wrong way to gain weight. Loading yourself with sugary or oily foods may help you gain weight but ultimately, the consequence takes a toll on your health. Here are eight tips you can follow to help you gain weight safely.

Tip #1: Eat a Lot

Eating a lot is not as easy as it is. To gain weight, you have to eat about twice the number of times you’re eating now. For instance, if you eat three meals a day, you’ll have to eat six times a day instead. Each meal should have a similar portion as your regular meals so you’ll have to eat even when you don’t feel hungry. Eat 500-1000 extra calories spread throughout the day to put on 1-2 extra pounds a week. Keep in mind though that you shouldn’t just eat any type of calories.


Tip #2: Eat Healthy

You can’t just eat anything to gain weight. You should eat foods that are rich in carbohydrates, protein, or fat packed into a small serving. Dried fruits, for instance, without sugar or preservatives, is a great snack when you’re trying to gain weight. Don’t resort to junk food for the sake of gaining a few pounds but instead, choose nutrient-rich foods which can help you build muscle weight instead of unhealthy fat weight.

Tip #3: Don’t drink water before meals

Since you’ll be trying to eat more each day, drinking a lot of water before a meal is not advisable. The water can fill up your stomach and make you feel fuller faster. Just drink enough to get your digestive system started.

Tip #4: Weight Train

To gain muscles instead of fat, you have to weight train at least 3 times a week so that your muscles will grow. Gradually increase the weight to which you train with so your strength, muscle endurance, and muscle size grows the right way. Don’t automatically jump to the heavy weights which may cause injury to your body.

Tip #5: Load up on Protein

Protein is one of the most important foods you’ll have to take when you’re trying to gain weight since protein will make sure that your muscles will grow. Try to eat protein-rich foods such as eggs, meat, and cheese to achieve the extra 500 calories you need each day.

Tip #6: Let your muscles rest

It is very important to let your muscles rest especially after an intense workout session. Don’t exercise the same muscle two days in a row. Otherwise, you’re not giving your muscles a chance to get rebuilt bigger and stronger. Never exercise the same muscle before its ready—wait at least 48 hours.

Tip #7: Eat more calories than the calories you’re burning

Even when you’re not living an active lifestyle, you’re still burning calories every day. You have to eat at least 500 extra calories each day in order to gain weight. Try to calculate your calorie intake on an average day and incorporate meals and snacks to add more. Inactive women typically burn 1,600 calories while inactive men burn 2,200 calories. You’ll have to eat even more than 500 extra calories each day when you work out to compensate for the calories you burned.

Tip #8: Sleep

Sleeping is very important especially if you’re trying to gain weight and muscles. To get the best out of your diet and workout efforts, you have to sleep for at least 8-9 hours every night. This way, your body gets a chance to build muscles. You won’t be getting all the benefits from your efforts if you only sleep 6 hours or less.