9 Creative Ways to Use Washi Tape


There is no shortage of ways to decorate with washi tape. And the best part is that you never run out of new washi tape patterns to try out. If you need some idea, here are nine creative ways you can use washi tape.

1. Washi Tape Keyboard


Liven up your keyboard with washi tape. Just cut out the size of your keyboard key on a washi tape and tape it on. Use different washi tape designs for a much colourful and cuter keyboard. If you haven’t got your keyboard layout to memory yet, opt for a more see through washi tape design.

2. Washi Tape Switch-plate

switch plate

Make your walls look more elegant by designing your light-switch switch-plates with washi tape. Simply unscrew the switch-plates from the wall and tape on your desired washi tape side-by-side. Make sure to line up the washi tape pattern as you tape it side-by-side to make it look like one whole decorative piece. Also, it’s better to tape over the switch opening and just cut it out later rather than manipulating the tape around the opening since the latter would risk an un-aligned washi tape pattern.

3. Vase Design


You can customize your own vase design with nothing but washi tape. You can either buy a new plain vase or use an old vase if you already have one at home. Use different washi tape patterns or cut it into the design you want then just tape in onto your vase and it’s good to go.

4. Notebook Cover


If you want a more personalized notebook, you can design your own with just washi tape. Find the washi tape pattern you want and use your creativity to create a notebook cover design. You can match different washi tape patterns, stick them side-by-side on a wax paper, and use a circle punch to cut them out. Just peel off the tape from the wax paper and stick them on to your notebook. Alternatively, you can just cover your entire notebook with washi tape. Your imagination’s the limit.

5. Washi Tape Pens


Here’s a simple life hack. If you’re tired of losing your pens and you’re absolutely sure that some classmate or office-mate is “borrowing” them or if someone really did borrow them but you can’t remember then just use a washi tape to mark your property. It will also make your pens look more gorgeous and unique. Just take out the ink tube, wrap it with washi tape, and put it back in the shell of the pen. You can also just design the outside any way you want. Personalize your own pen.

6. Power Cord Design

power chord

A simple way to make any power cord look beautiful is by designing it with washi tape. Wrap a series of washi tapes with different patterns on the cord or just use one washi tape pattern for the entire cord. Design and style any way you want.

7. Candle Votive/Cup Design


Mix and match different washi tape patterns and designs to create a beautiful candle votive or cup decoration. You can also just use one washi tape pattern and simply wrap it around the votive or cup once for a simple, elegant look. If you’re designing a candle votive, make sure you cut the washi tape at the opening and not fold it in so that it won’t catch on fire.

8. Rainbow Desk


Go to the extremes of washi tape décor by covering your entire desk with it. One idea is by taping solid, brightly colored washi tapes next to each other on a desk to create a beautiful “rainbow” desk. You can overlap the strips of tape to create widths of different sizes.

9. Phone case

phone case

Here’s a cheap way to personalize your phone case. Transparent phone cases are most often cheap so just cover the backside of it with washi tape according to the design you want and you’re done. Taping on the inside of the transparent case will keep your phone from getting sticky from the tape while keeping the washi tape protected.