9 Tips For Becoming More Productive


Simply telling yourself to stop procrastinating and to start doing some work is not enough motivation to actually bring yourself to start moving. Often, the times when you need to finish a lot of tasks are the times when your body and mind seem to be most against it. As a result, you tend to give in to distractions and procrastinate. However, the more time you set aside for certain tasks don’t necessarily mean that you’re being more productive. Being productive is based on how much work you actually finish in a day, not on how busy you are. Thus, being productive is more about managing your energy than on time management. You should learn how to spend the least amount of energy to get the most number of things done in order to be productive. If you want to become more productive than you currently are, here are nine tips you can follow.

Tip #1: Stop making excuses

Stop trying to escape the work you have to do by making excuses for yourself. Stop saying, “I can’t do this because,” or “I’m too tired for this.” Just stop procrastinating and do what you have to do even if you still feel sluggish at first. Get out of your own way and stop sabotaging yourself.

Tip #2: Eat well

Often, the quality and quantity of your breakfast can determine your performance throughout the day. Eating well-balanced meals can provide you with sufficient energy to perform your tasks smoothly and efficiently. It will also keep your mind sharp and focused while also improving your overall well-being.

Tip #3: Eliminate tasks

You don’t have to accept every task handed out to you. Learning how to say “no” can be very empowering and can keep things from getting out of hand. Get rid of some tasks that are not absolutely necessary. This way, you’ll have more time and energy to spare for something more important.

Tip #4: Stop working overtime

The more time you spend for work, the less productive you’re going to be. This is because overworking yourself will stress you out more and will make you lose sleep. This will then decrease your level of productivity both short-term and long-term.

Tip #5: Don’t multitask

Don’t do more than one task at a time. Many people think that doing two or three things at one time will help them finish the tasks faster. However, not only will this slow down your productivity, but the output will be of less quality as well. Focus on one task at a time before moving on to the next one.

Tip #6: Get enough sleep

It is incredible how great the effect of sleep is on your level of productivity. When you get enough sleep, your mind is more focused and you’ll be able to finish tasks more efficiently. Try to sleep early and wake up even earlier. Not only the quantity of sleep matters but the quality of it does, as well. De-stress yourself in order to get a good night’s rest.

Tip #7: Identify what keeps you from being productive

Often, there are a couple of activities or habits that steals most of your time away. You may not notice it but if you pay close attention, you might just find where all the time of the day goes. Identify what’s taking most of your time, maybe your tendency to procrastinate or your tendency to take too long to eat lunch, and try to change it. It might just push your productivity level off the roof.

Tip #8: Plan ahead

Before going to bed, plan the things you want to achieve the next day and try to actually accomplish it. Of course, you should also make your goals realistic. Think of which tasks you should finish first and estimate how long it should take you. You’ll get more things done this way.

Tip #9: Workout and Hydrate

Start your day with a quick workout just to get your blood and energy going and to stimulate the release of endorphins in your body. Don’t overdo your workout or you might start feeling tired in the afternoon. Keep yourself hydrated as well especially when you start feeling sluggish.