9 Tips For Designing A Blog

Image from Alex Devero Blog

Half of running a blog is publishing content, and the other half is attracting visitors. After all, it won’t be that exciting to create a blog with only you as the reader, right? This is where blog design comes in. In creating a blog, you should keep in mind that everything in it should attract visitors and make them want to visit your blog again and again. Installing a free theme that a couple of hundred other bloggers use and adding a few widgets is not enough to perk up the interest of visitors. You have to make your blog visually stand out while also complementing your blog’s niche or content. The way you design your blog shows off your personal style and it grabs readers’ attention. To help you improve your blog, here are nine tips for designing a blog.

Tip #1: Design according to your goal

You should design your blog according to whatever goal you want to achieve. Do you want people to sign up to a newsletter, or to read your blog posts, or to try out a service you offer? In that case, feature a headline that will lead people into the goal you want to achieve. For instance, Hello Bar’s homepage is obviously designed to get people to sign up or to “try it out.”

Tip #2: Think of a catchy blog name

Every blog begins with a blog name and you should make sure that the name of your blog is relevant to the content you want to publish in it. Not only that, but your blog name should be catchy as well. Although that may seem like an easy task, with the number of blogs out there, it would be quite difficult to find a completely unique blog name that’s not yet taken by another blog. You might also want to check if the blog name you have in mind is available on social media channels in case you’d want to open one up soon.

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Tip #3: Visualize your design

Before you begin designing your blog, visualize what you’d want to see on your screen first. Think of the colour themes and the layout you want to achieve. This will make it easier for you to design your blog and will allow you to take the right direction as you begin designing.

Tip #4: Left align the text

Although it may not seem like a big deal, many people try to center align their blog posts and it’s just unpleasing to the eyes and it makes the text very hard to read. Save the center align for headlines you want to feature—but for the texts in the paragraphs, always center align. Don’t justify the paragraphs either as it makes it very hard to identify where you are in the paragraph.

Tip #5: Use only 2-3 fonts

Don’t use different fonts for every aspect of your blog. At most, use one for the headlines, one for the body text, and one for the logo. The more fonts you use, the messier your blog will look.

Tip #6: Keep the background simple

Don’t use overly stylish background with bright colours that compete with the content and distract the readers from it. Instead, use plain designs that look clean but still pretty. When in doubt, you can never go wrong with a plain white background. Just use attractive colours on the blog itself instead.

Tip #7: Keep the paragraphs short

This doesn’t necessarily mean that your blog posts should be short—only the paragraphs. This is because long paragraphs are very intimidating and hard to digest. It also discourages the visitors from even starting to read a content you’ve published.

Tip #8: Use a maximum of 2-3 colours

Just like the font styles, use only two to three colours in your blog to keep it neat and pleasing to the eyes. Pick a colour theme and designate the colours to certain aspects of your blog.

Tip #9: Easy navigation

Design your blog in a way that makes it easy for visitors to navigate your posts or revisit old content. Use categories or include a search bar so readers can find what they want.