9 Unique Bookshelf Ideas To Try At Home


If you love reading and collecting books then perhaps you’ve encountered the problem of where to store your valuable collection at least once in your life. While a lot of furniture stores or even IKEA itself have numerous kinds of shelves to keep your prized possessions, most often than not, they look too simple, dull or sometimes, even bulky for the space you have. Yes, you may have serious books in your own collection that discusses quantum physics or genetics but your shelves do not have to be as boring. In fact, it would be a great idea to house your favorite pieces of literature in a place where your personality is translated and your space maximized. Check out these amazing bookshelves that are not only unique but free from clutter as well.

The Industrial Pipe Bookshelf

1 industrial pipe

This is actually a great idea if you live in an old industrial complex with pipes coming out of the walls. Nevertheless, one could easily create the look in your home with just a few pipes, paint and a corner wall. It doesn’t even have to be a pipe with a real water line to it, just make sure to choose the iron ones to add a touch of character to your new shelf.

The Staircase Bookshelf
2 staircase

This idea is great for maximizing small spaces. No need to put up a separate shelf or room to house your collection. Just put a small storage area for every step of the stairs and voila, you’d have your very own unique staircase bookshelf at home.

Ladder Bookshelf
3 ladder

No cash to buy a bookcase but have an old wooden ladder instead? No problem! Simply assemble your ladder in the spot where you want it to be and fill up each step with books. If there is not enough space in your room, why not hang up the ladder vertically on the wall to act as storage space for your books? Not only is it a one-of-a-kind storage idea for your books, it also maximizes the space in your room as it does not occupy any floor area.

The Bookseat
4 bookseat

The innovative design actually took home the Best Design Award in the 2008 Montreal International Design Show. This bookshelf is shaped into a seat where one can comfortably read the book he has plucked from the storage area found at the sides and underneath the seat. It’s multifunctional and space saving at the same time.

“Read Your Bookcase”
5 ryb

And it literally says that. The bookshelf designed by Eva Allesandrini and Roberto Saporiti was nominated in the Selected Design Category during the 2010 Young & Design Show.

The Conceal Bookshelf
6 conceal

Also known as the “Invisible Bookshelf” because one cannot see how the book is supported, it has become a trend among minimalist home designs. The hardware could support up to 15 pounds of books and is pretty space saving too. One only need a clean wall to screw on the shelf and voila, a floating bookshelf is born.

The Dream Shelf
7 dream

Designed by Dripta Roy, the unique bookshelf was inspired by the idea that “daydreaming is an indulgence most of us never grow out of but plenty of us don’t set aside much time for.” It comes in the shape of thought bubbles, having it in the wall of your home add a touch of quirkiness and utility.

The Cat Shelf
8 cat

This innovative design by Corentin Dombrecht combines one’s love for cats and books. The shelf’s mold and features were made with a pet cat in mind. As such, the material used are all cat-friendly – no oil or paint, so that the surface would not be slippery for cats to climb on. It also has provisions for cat baskets where feline friends could stay and lick themselves to their heart’s content.

Skateboard Bookcase
9 skateboard

Every skater would love to have this bookcase in their home. Aside from a way to store your collection, it also doubles as a table to keep or display stuff. Great idea for students and kids who are looking for a fun design to place in their room.