9 Ways To Eat Healthier


“Health is wealth”, this is a saying most people lives by. Living a healthy lifestyle indeed has more positive sides than negative ones. If you are healthier, you get more things done and you feel more energetic. You get to live a longer life compared to most that don’t live a healthy lifestyle. You get to meet new people by living healthy too. Living a healthy lifestyle requires commitment and time, but it does not have to be so hard and time consuming. You just have to understand the things you need to achieve and to set your goals. Here are some tips and ways to eat healthier.

  1. Eat What You Can Grow

If you live by the phrase, “Eat what you can grow”, you will eat healthier foods, especially if you take it literally and don’t go around it. For example, a potato is something you can grow, an egg is from a hen which you can also grow but where does a chip comes from? Yes, it does come from raw materials at first, but then it is processed to be the chips you have now. Food processing takes away the nutrients making it unhealthier.

  1. Eat More Produce

Eating more fruits and vegetables is healthier. If you have more serving of vegetables in a day and eat fruits for snacks, you will gain more nutrients. Switch your processed products with organics to live healthier. The more colorful your plate is with fruits and vegetables, the healthier it is. Your plate must at least be half fruits and vegetables.

  1. Vary Your Protein

Eating one type of protein food does not give you enough nutrients your body needs. A chicken’s serving gives you less amount of Vitamin B from that of lean meat. You need to know the other nutrients these protein foods have in order for you to know what your body is taking in. Also, proteins are not only found in meat and poultry, you can also get them from seafood, eggs, beans, peas, nuts and other varieties of food.

  1. Prepare Your Own Meal

Fast foods have provided meals for years and many have seen their benefits, such as its cheaper, faster and easier to eat. The case is, fast foods are not that healthy. It is better if you prepare your own meal, you will be more aware of what is in your meal and the types of nutrients and calories you are having.

  1. Smaller Plates

Being “full” is sometimes psychological, if you still have food in your plate, you feel unsatisfied until you finish off your meal. Having a small plate means having lesser portions, it will also be better if these portions are healthy portions.

  1. Snacks

If you eat snacks rather than having smaller meals, it is better to eat healthy snack choices. You can have fruits instead of chips and water or fruit juice instead of a carbonated drink. Just by choosing a healthier alternative makes you live and eat healthier.

  1. Vegetables First

It will be better to eat vegetables first, then the protein and eat the carbs last. This way, you eat the healthiest part first. You will be less hungry when you get to the carbs and you will eat less of these.

  1. Less Alcohol

Have you heard the term “Beer Belly”? Beer Belly is real. You can gain weight by drinking alcohol. You can still drink alcohol, but you must lessen your alcohol intakes.  Moderate alcohol intake can still be good for you and may be advised by some Nutritionist.

  1. Read The Back

“The front is all advertising.” It is better to read the ingredients and the nutrition facts of the food you are purchasing. This is to know if it’s all artificial or real.