9 Websites To Check Out For The Travel Bug In You


Travelling could be very stressful if you do not know how to plan your itinerary. With the numerous places to go and visit, one could get overwhelmed with all the information needed to go and enjoy a destination in a safe manner. Luckily for adventurers and people with wanderlust, the Internet is filled with websites that help amateur and professional jet setters on their trips. Here are some of the few sites you should check out if you’re planning a vacation away soon.

Skyscanner (skyscanner.com)




This website allows passengers to compare airfare tickets globally for them to be able to maximize the value for their money. They also give comparisons for hotel and accommodations as well as car rentals and other transportation options in a specific area. Users are not charged with an additional fee and instead are directed to the airline, hotel or car rental company of their choice.

The Man In Seat Sixty-One (seat61.com)



Okay, so flying is not your thing. Perhaps, a phobia of old or you just finished watching Denzel Washington’s “Flight” before you decided on your travel plans, then this site is for you. The site’s service gives you information on how you could travel from one place to another sans an aircraft. Most of the options on this site are trains and majority of the places are located in Europe so check this out if you are planning for your Eurotrip.

Rome 2 Rio (rome2rio.com)



So you want to plan your Spring Break but don’t know how to go there, then ceck out this website, which offers you alternative routes to your destination of choice via plane, ship, train or car. The site also offers the quickest and cheapest option for you so if you’d rather save in the transportation expense, head on to this site.

TripAdvisor (tripadvisor.co)



Looking for hotels to stay at or restaurants to try in one place? TripAdvisor’s ranking and review system could be very helpful for you. Just be mindful that some reviews might have been submitted with a bias so you might miss on opportunities to check on delightful places.

XE (xe.com)



What’s an overseas travel without foreign currency? Money is an important part of your travel so it is recommended that you use a reliable site to convert your finances. Use XE to do that as it is the most accurate exchange rate website one could find.

AirBnB (airbnb.com)



If you’re vacation is more of the backpacking type and you prefer simple accommodations unlike what hotels offer, you could check out AirBnB to provide you with options for staying at someone’s private apartment, room or even a house for as long as a month for that more local and authentic feel.

Roadtrippers (roadtrippers.com)



This is practically heaven sent for those wanting to launch a road trip in all of the 50 American states. The site gives information on all types of accommodations – hotels, motels and even cheap inns, tourist spots and even those weird “un-touristy” destinations. Aside from that, it also offers the option to save your destination a map that you could print out so you won’t get lost when there is no data service available for your Google maps.

The Festival Calendar (thefestivalcalendar.co.uk)

festival calendar


So you want to go on a vacation across the pond and check out the events and festivals happening on the other side, then this site is your answer. The Festival Calendar literally provides you with a calendar of activities happening in Europe and United Kingdom so you won’t miss out when you head there. The list includes both the huge crowd-gathering ones as well as the smaller unheard of events that are still great for you to check out.

Viator (viator.com)



Tours and destination bookings could be difficult for a first timer. But with the help of Viator, this would be a piece of cake. Aside from hotels, accommodations and transportation services, the site offers tours of destination spots and other places so you would not go through the hassle of planning your itinerary once you get to your destination. The only downside is that it could be a bit expensive than the usual if you book directly. So be sure to use this only if you have not time coming up with an itinerary of your own or if you have tons of cash to spare.