Amazing Effects of Reading to Mind Aging


As a person age, it is not only the physical attributes that shows the signs of aging. As a person gets older, so does his mind. The brain constantly starts slowing down in time. Its capacity to retain memories and its ability to efficiently function is impaired. Since growing old is inescapable, maintaining a healthy mind is still possible. Reading is a tool that can help widen the knowledge of an individual. Some also read to make good use of their precious time. Being immersed in reading can ultimately slow down mental retardation.

Ever been in a situation where you forgot where you placed your car key? Or you went into your room to get something important but end up missing what you intended to get? Or worse, looking for your eyeglass intensely only to find out that it is on the top of your head? This can be signs of the haunting mind deterioration. This often silently begins when a person is on his middle age. This could often end up in a catastrophe. The brain size shrinks as the age progresses.

The brain can be associated to a muscle – it needs a regular exercise or else its function will constantly decline. It is like steel that gets rusty when it is not often used and practiced. Just like how physical exercise help tone the muscles and provide many health benefits to stay fit, reading is one of the best exercises a brain can do. Mind-related diseases are more and more rising into notoriety.

One of the most common diseases related to mind deterioration is Alzheimer’s Disease or AD. This degenerative disease can result to mental deterioration. Symptoms of this disease include memory loss, more particularly for recent events, and a short attention span and disorientation. Experts acknowledge the possibility that reading can be a significant agent to help minimize the risk or slow down the progress of having such disease. Through reading, the brain is kept active and its credibility to function will not be affected.

Research proves that aging can decrease a person’s ability to concentrate and focus. Disorientation and a lack of focus are also few of the known symptoms for brain diseases. By reading novels, it can pave way for the brain to enhance and improve its focus. By being immersed on the situation happening and by being cautious of every minute detail on the story, the brain is stimulated. Reading textbooks that intrigue you or learning a new language with the help of a language book can challenge your mental capacity. In this way, new information is gathered and the brain is forced to function.

reading mind aging

Stress can also be a source of mind illness. It has the capability to disrupt memory formation and recall. Stress can also speed up the natural shrinking of the brain. And with the inner peace and tranquility reading can bring, it can be an alley for the removal of stress. Exercising the memory is also an effective way in maintaining the mental capacity of the brain. This way, you can lessen forgetfulness and relieve yourself of stress.

At a young age, people eat whatever they want and do whatever pleases them. Getting older has enough frustrations. But the ability of the brain to still efficiently work and maintain mental sharpness must never be an issue in growing old. If you are still young or if you are still free from mental illness and retardation, see to it that your brain’s ability to think and remember will never be fully impaired until you reach the age of 80. Practice the habit of reading and learning. Surely then those unwanted signs of mental deterioration will never haunt you.