Bright Ideas for Repurposing Picture Frames

Image from Capitol Romance

Old picture frames in the home may push you to buying new frames to hold your precious photos but you don’t really have to throw the old ones just yet because there are a lot of ways in which you can repurpose them. If you love to do DIY projects or are looking to minimize the amount of trash that you dispose of, here are some fun and creative ways of repurposing your old picture frames at home.

  1. Wall holder. If you want to remove clutter on the desk in your hallway, convert an old frame into a wall holder. Simply install the frame on one wall, add some hooks in it to hold your keys or coats, and you’re done. You can simply hang what you need on the wall so you will have more space on your hallway table.
  1. Exposed bathroom cabinet. Here is another fun idea that you can do with a large picture frame. Remove the door to your bathroom cabinet and install the frame around it instead. This gives your bathroom cabinet more character plus it’s easier to find what you need without having to open and close doors.
  1. Serving tray. Old picture frames can be given a new life as serving trays. You only need to add a sturdy backing behind the frame and add some handles on both ends so that you can use it to serve your guests some drinks when they come and visit.
Image from Pinterest
  1. Framed succulents. Who would have thought that you can actually frame your succulents? All that you have to do is to create plant holders inside the frame and hang them outside in the garden. This is a fun DIY project that you can do with your kids which can give your outdoor a nice decorative piece to enjoy.
  1. Photo display. You can still use your old frames to display your photos, but instead of one large picture, you can convert it into your own personal display by stretching some strings from one side to the next to clip your photos, notes, and the like. You can also replace the backing of the frame with chicken wire so you can clip your favorite photos.
  1. Jewelry frame. Organize your accessories by converting your old frames into holders. Simply string some lines in the middle of the frame and hang your earrings, necklaces, and the like. Not only will you be able to see which accessory to use but you can also help clear up the clutter in your dresser too.
Image from Margo’s Junkin Journal
  1. Towel bar. Add some punch to your bathroom by converting your old frame into a towel bar. This will definitely give your guests something to talk about when they see your unique towel holder.
  1. Chalkboard. If you and your family love to leave notes to one another, why not repurpose your old frame into a chalkboard? You can place them in areas that you all frequent so you can leave messages to one another when you feel like it.
  1. Hair bow organizer. Hair clips and bows can take up space in your dresser table but the good news is that you can keep them organized by creating a hair bow organizer using your old picture frame. Simply add some strips of cloth in the middle of the frame where you can clip your hair accessories for easy access and to keep them organized as well.
  1. Ribbon holder. For those who love to do crafts, one way to keep your ribbons organized is to use your old frames as ribbon holder. Simply add some sticks horizontally on the frame to hold your ribbons and hang them on one side of your work area.