Bring Summer Into Your Home In These 4 Tips


Summer is just around the corner and with this season comes the dry and not weather. But your home does not have to reflect the humidity in the environment. Here are some ways you could bring summer into your home so that you would feel light, fresh and airy in spite of the rising temperatures.

Let in the light

With the sun shining brightly outside, it’s best to take advantage of this and bring some sunshine into your nest. But first things first, clean your windows and remove any dust and dirt that may have accumulated over the months. Having neat windows could usher in the best kind of light from the sun. Aside from the actual sunlight, clean windows make everything seem brighter, especially after an intense scrubbing.

Once done, pull back the curtains and let your windows stay open so that aside from the sun, air comes inside for proper ventilation of your home. You could also replace your heavy curtains with sheer fabric material so that that its translucency would let the light in.

Bring The Outside In

Summer is all about outdoors. But you don’t have to go outside your home to fully experience it. Instead, it’s time to rearrange your furniture and interiors so that your home would reflect the change of season.

With flowers and plants in full bloom outside, add color inside your home by putting freshly cut blooms inside your home – in the living room, bedside table, kitchen counter and even the bathroom, if you like. There are no rules when it comes to bringing flowers from outside, just as long as you ensure that they are always fresh and with clean water and you throw out immediately the dry ones.

If plain green color is more your type, you could opt out with the flower and instead replace it with plants and succulents. The refreshing green color would make things seem cooler inside. Aside from that, adding plants is the cheapest way to add new décor into a room.

You could also put on display the seashells you collected from your last trip to the beach on the mantle or living room table. The shells would remind you of a relaxing time and it could also prompt you to plan your next vacation.

Because summer is about fresh and fruity scents, why not add a hint of citrus inside your home with the use of aromatherapy oil, scented candles, potpourri or even fresh orange/lemon/lime peels in bowls? The fruity fragrance would add character to your home even without the addition of new furniture.

Add Color

One of the best ways to summer-ify your home is to add splashes of color. Small to big accents in bright hues instantly lighten a place without the need for extra light. You could change your sheets, throw pillows, rugs and other knickknacks at home for vividly colored ones.

If you are the low-key type, you could skip the bright colors and instead stick with muted tones that still reflect summer such as white, green and blue. These three colors are a good representation of the freshness of the outdoors so add accents in these three shades.

For those who have extra time and budget, you could do away with the accents and paint an entire room or wall into any bright summer color.


Another way to bring summer inside your home is to re-organize your things and remove all things that add clutter inside. Since summer in the outdoors always involve a vast and wide space for different activities, you could take this idea inside and remove things that only eat up the space in your home.

Enjoy The Outdoors

Instead of eating your meals in the dining room, why not take it out and enjoy it in the backyard as you take in the view of nature around you? Have a barbecue and invite some friends over. Or throw in a beach towel in the lawn and get a tan in the comforts of your home. The possibilities are endless. What’s important is that the activity you do is low-key and fun.