Creative Ideas for Repurposing Entertainment Centers

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With the appearance of walk-in closets and flat screens, entertainment centers are fast becoming out of style with most heading to the garbage disposal as they no longer fit the scheme of the more modern homes. But should you really have to dispose of your armoire or entertainment center just because you have no use for it? If it is still in good condition, you might want to reconsider because there are a lot of ways that you can use to breathe new life to your already unwanted furniture.

Need Ideas?

For those who are stuck with an entertainment center that they just can’t get rid of due to sentimental reasons, here are some cool ideas that you can use to reinvent your furniture.

  1. Craft station. For those who just can’t get enough of crafts, converting your entertainment center into a craft station is a smart move as it helps keep your stuff organized and ready for use. You can create shelves or drawers to store your craft items like ribbons, pens, papers, and the like. Repaint your old entertainment center to make it pop and place it in your work area so you can get your materials easily.
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  1. Cat home. If you are a proud owner of several cats, most likely you want to put them in one area so they won’t make your chairs their scratch post. Well, you can convert your entertainment center into a cat station where you can incorporate beds, scratch post, and litter box too so that they will know where to hang out instead of bothering you and the guests. You can make their new home part of your home’s design too if you like.
  1. Work station. Do you want to have your own work space at home but don’t want to take up too much space? This is where your old entertainment center comes in. What’s great about entertainment centers is that they have ample space to put up your computer, create shelves to store your files, and even other personal items. When not in use, you can simply close the door of the armoire to keep your things out of sight.
  1. Dog house. For smaller entertainment centers, one creative idea to use is to transform it into a dog house. Repaint the furniture first then place your dog’s bed inside. Remove the doors so there won’t be any danger of your dog getting locked inside and place it in one area of your home. You can use the vacant surface on top to hold other decorations if you like for added effect.
  1. Sewing station. How about repurposing your old entertainment center into a sewing station? Add a folding table that you can easily store inside the entertainment center when not in use. Place baskets and your sewing materials in the shelves or drawers for easy access and to keep your things organized. You can add other decorations to it to boost its overall look.
  1. Children’s closet. Another idea to reuse your old entertainment center is to turn it into a child’s bedroom closet. All that you have to do is to add some poles inside where your child can hang his or her clothes, add drawers for their personal belongings and you’re done. Repaint the furniture first to make it stand out in your child’s bedroom.

Who said that old entertainment centers are no longer useful? With these repurposing ideas, you’ll be able to give this furniture new purpose that you and your family can enjoy. You might be surprised on how enjoyable repurposing old furniture can be once you see the results.