Creative Ideas for Repurposing Plastic Bottles

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Most households have plastic bottles ready to be disposed of with most of them ending up in the dump site instead of recycling plants. Imagine the amount of damage that we can cause to our environment just by throwing away plastic bottles. Well, instead of adding to the already huge amounts of garbage today, why not reuse your old plastic bottles instead?

For all DIY lovers out there, here are some creative ideas on what you can do with your old plastic bottles.

  1. Vertical garden. If you don’t have enough space at home to have a garden, you can still have one using your old plastic bottles. Simply cut a hole In the body so you can add soil and the plant you want to grow, tie some twine on both ends of the bottle and hang it from the wall. You can add more bottles with different plants in them for a space saving garden to enjoy.
  1. Spoon lamp. This one is a nice DIY project to make at home. You will need a large plastic bottle for and several disposable plastic spoons to complete this project. Start by cutting the ends of the spoon so you will have the heads instead. Glue them around your plastic bottle until you have covered it entirely. Add a light bulb inside the plastic bottle and hang it from the ceiling. You now have a spoon lamp to shed some light into your space.
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  1. Fun planters. If you have free time in your hands and you want to do a bit of gardening to pass the time, why not have some fun with your old plastic bottles? Cut out the bottom of the plastic bottle and cut out the shape of ears on one side of the plastic bottle, paint it white, then add some colors and design to it and you’ll have a fun planter to put your plants in.
  1. Plastic boat. Who would have thought that you can actually make a boat out of old plastic bottles? Tie all your plastic bottles together tightly and shape them into a boat. You can add canvas to protect you from water as well as lightweight planks and voila! You can test your plastic boat in a lake or river to see how far you can go with it.
  1. Curtain. There are a lot of DIY projects that you can do with plastic bottles such as making a curtain out of them. Simply cut off the bottoms of your plastic bottles, tie a string to them and tie them all together to cover a panel of your window. You can add some colors to them or leave them as is whichever you prefer.
  1. Bird feeder. It’s quite fun watching the birds hanging around in your garden, so why not give them some treats as well? Transform your old plastic bottles into a bird feeder by first drilling or making holes on opposite sides of the bottle, add a wooden spoon to hold the feeds, and hang the bottle on a fence or ceiling.
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  1. Wall decoration. For this project, you can make use of the bottle caps of your plastic bottles to create wall decorations for the home. You can drill them to a wall or use glue to install them.

These are just a few ideas on what you can do with your plastic bottles. You might be surprised to find numerous ways to repurpose your old bottles.