Creative Ideas to Repurpose Milk Jugs

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Most households have several milk jugs waiting to be recycled but not all of these jugs get to the recycling plants where they are converted into new items like plastic, tables, and the like. A good number of these plastic jugs end up in landfills where they take years before decomposing. If you want to do your part in saving the environment, you might want to consider repurposing them so you don’t have to add to the already growing landfills. Here are some creative ideas that you can do to repurpose your milk jugs.

  1. Scoop. You don’t have to buy scoops to use around the house because you can simply cut your milk jug, the one with the handle to create your DIY scoop. They do the trick plus you can use the remaining plastic for something else.
  1. Pot plant saucer. If you don’t want soil to come out from under the plant pot or if you want to keep the soil wet for your plant to absorb, cut the bottom part of the milk jug and use it as plant saucer. This way, you can move your potted plants indoor without worrying about water spillage when you water them.
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  1. Watering jug. Here’s another simple use for old plastic milk jugs. Simply add some holes to the bottle cap, fill the jug with water, and you can water your plants easily. You can direct the amount of water that you are using for each plant.
  1. Storage containers. Cut open the top portion of the milk jug while keeping the handle to hang the jugs on a bar. Fill them up with your craft materials for easy access. This way, you won’t have to buy storage containers because you can make them on your own.
  1. School supply container. Don’t let your school stuff get into such a mess by converting your milk jug into a school supply container. Remove one portion of the top of the milk jug, add some panels to separate school supplies and there you have it. You can carry your container with you without making a mess of your school supplies at all.
  1. Toilet brush holder. Another simple way to repurpose your milk jug is by converting it into a toilet brush holder. Just remove the top portion of the jug so you can slip the toilet brush in and that’s it. You can put it behind the bowl so the brush won’t be in the way.
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  1. Bird feeder. Here’s another DIY project that you can do with your plastic milk jug. If you want to attract birds into your garden or you just want to feed those that are already circling your place, just cut out the sides of the jug and place some sticks for the birds to hold on to while filling their bellies with free seeds.
  1. Seasonal lanterns. Halloween means all the spooky stuff come out so why not make some ghost lanterns out of milk jugs? You can draw on one side of the jug while cutting a hole at the back to slip inside tea lights for a spookier effect.
  1. Accessory organizer. If you want to keep your accessories organized, you can cut the bottom half of the milk jug and add some panels to sort your stuff. You can decorate the milk jug if you like to make it a decorative piece if you like.

These are just a few creative ideas on what you can do with your milk jugs. With a little creativity on your part, you will be able to repurpose them in no time.