Creative Ideas to Repurpose Old Maps

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You’re probably quite fond of collecting maps that you have a closet full of them already. If you’ve decided that they no longer serve you any purpose or you just want to find ways to free up space in your closet or storage, why not repurpose your old maps instead? There are a lot of fun and creative ideas out there that have everything to do with your store of old maps. You might be surprised to find that there are many uses to them even when they have outlived their purpose for you. Here are some creative ideas that you can try out.

  1. Ephemera pots. For travel junkies, you’ve probably collected a lot of maps showing the places you’ve been to. What better way to display them than by creating ephemera pots where you can put all the trinkets that you have bought in your travels?
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  1. Map bangle. Bring fond memories of your travels with you by wearing them on your wrist. Wrap a map around an old bangle and you will have a unique accessory that will have a nice story to it. Who knows? You might be inspired to travel to new places too.
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  1. Map wall art. Is the wall in your home looking bare or boring? Why not dress it up with your old maps? You can cut your old maps and place them in picture frames to hang on your blank wall.
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  1. Map lampshade. Ready to do more DIY projects? Change the shade on your lamp by covering it with your old maps. This is a nice way to display the locations you’ve been to and it can actually add value to your space too.
  1. Map envelopes. If you are an old school type of person, you’ve probably been sending handwritten letters to your loved ones both locally and abroad. What better way to use your old maps than make envelopes out of them? They’re fun and interesting to use and you get to rid clutter in your room too.
  1. Pendant light. This DIY project is a bit challenging to do but with patience and dedication to finishing your pendant light, you will have truly unique pendant light to hang from your ceiling. Just cut your old maps and have plenty of glue on hand and you can get this done in no time.
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  1. Pendant necklace. If you are often making your own accessories, why not make pendant necklaces using your old maps? Choose a favourite destination of yours, cut it according to the shape of the pendant, glue it in place, add resin, and you’re done. Bring your treasured travel memory with you wherever you go.
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  1. Map shoe boxes. Another way to use your old maps is to cover your old shoe boxes with it. Not only will this help dress up your boxes but you’ll enjoy storing your personal items in them too for safekeeping.
  1. Travel memory map. Put your old maps on display on your wall and add push pins to locations you have visited already. You can add photos of the places you’ve been too to complete your travel memory map or go on and add more pushpins every time you travel.
  1. Map votives. Traveling for some people is a way to alleviate their stress. Cover votive candles with old maps and get similar effect.

These are just a few ideas on how you can repurpose your old maps at home. Get creative and ready your materials and get to repurpose those maps fast. You’ll definitely love how they turn out in no time.