Creative Ways to Keep Your Dog Cool in Summer


Beating the heat during the summer isn’t just for humans as our furry friends will need some help cooling down too. With their thick furs, dogs tend to have a harder time cooling down when the temperature rises. If you are a dog owner, here are some fun ways to keep your best friend cool during the summer.

  1. Pay attention to your dog’s behaviour. Watching how your dog behaves when you’re out and about can give you a clear idea on whether they are feeling hot. If they’re becoming sluggish, or are looking every possible shade that it can find, you should turn back home. You can use a rectal thermometer to check their temperature too.
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  1. Beat the sun. If you’re constantly walking your dog, try to switch your walks to early in the day or in the evening when the temperature is at its coolest. This removes the risk of exhausting your dog too much due to the heat. This way, you can still bond with your furry pal while keeping him cool especially during the summer.
  1. Avoid using ice. Humans tend to resort to ice when their dogs become exhausted due to the heat but by surrounding your dog with ice can cause their blood vessels to constrict. The best thing to do to help cool your pet down is to wet him using room-temperature water then place him in front of a fan. This will help bring their temperature down slowly.
  1. Look for shade. When outdoors, look for a shady spot to rest for a while to give your dog time to cool down. Keep in mind that letting your pet walk on asphalt or pavement when the sun is high can cause blisters on their paws. If the weather is too hot to go out for walks, best to stay indoors where you both can cool off.
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  1. Skip the haircut. You may think that giving your dog a haircut during the summer is a good thing to do to keep them cool but this only exposes them to the high temperature causing heat exhaustion fast. Their fur actually acts as a buffer against the hot temperature. Trimming their hair can actually expose them further to the heat and sunburn too.
  1. Don’t bring them in your car. If your furry friend loves to go with you when you’re driving, keep in mind that the temperature inside your car can go up fast. If you’re going to a place where dogs are not allowed, it is better to leave them at home with plenty of water and a cool place to stay rather than locking them up in your car where they can suffer from the heat.
  1. Make some cool treats. Another trick to keep your dog cool during the summer is to make them some cold treats. You can make ice pops that are fruit flavoured to give them something interesting to lick while bringing their temperature down.
  1. Use a cooling dog bed. Although a bit expensive, the cooling dog bed is a nice gift to give your pet pooch especially during the summer. This bed helps them stay cool during the hottest days of the summer so they can sleep comfortably. Your dog will thank you for thinking of him.
  1. Create a sandbox. Dogs love to dig because the wet sand can help them stay cool so rather than let your pooch dig around the garden, build them a sandbox to dig.

Keeping your pet dog cool during the summer is your responsibility so keep these tips in mind and you  and your dog will stay comfortable even when the temperature rises.