Creative Ways to Paint Your Walls


The walls are one of the biggest factors in your home’s overall appearance. No matter how beautifully designed a house is, with brand new furniture and strategically placed décor, the walls can make or break its image. The way the walls are designed says a lot about the homeowner’s personality, as well.

Since wallpapers are not very convenient, people often opt for paint. The wall is just one huge blank canvas waiting to be painted. And the great thing is that you don’t have to be an artist to make it look beautiful. Experiment with different colors and designs to help you complement the room’s purpose and décor. Here are a few creative ways to paint your walls.

Wall Stamp

If you already love the color of your plain-colored walls but you want to add a little bit more design to it, then you might want to consider wall stamping. There are various designs available for wall stamps and you can even make your own. Use a color that would complement your base wall color then simply stamp on the design in random places or in a line for a more organized look.



Stencil is another great way to bring life to a rather plain-looking wall. You can buy ready-made stencils or print your own design, cut it, and paint over it on your walls. You can use the stencil to add a design all over the walls or you can use just one big stencil to add a strategically placed décor. Make sure to use colors that would complement the base wall color.

Sponge Paint

Here’s a real DIY solution for plain-colored walls: use your sponge. Choose a complementary color to the base color of your walls and experiment around with the use and effects of sponging. Dip the sponge in the color you want to add, remove the excess, and then scrape or pat the sponge on your walls. On the other hand, you can paint the color directly on the walls then pat the sponge around it.

Rag Paint

rag paint

Alternatively, you can use a rag instead of a sponge. There are many ways to do this. You can roll the rag against the wall, pat it, or rub softly. Find the effect you find most attractive. Don’t forget to constantly change the rag especially when it gets too saturated with paint.

Yarn Paint Roller

Another DIY trick to add texture to your walls is by using yarn. Just wrap a string of yarn around your paint roller and use it to paint your walls.

Wall Brushing

wall brush

Right after painting a wall, you can use a big brush with stiff bristles to add linear lines that give a spectacular effect. Just gently swipe the brush across the newly painted wall in the direction you want. You can even use a broom for the same linear lines effect. Wipe off the paint you’ve brushed off from the bristles of your brush every now and then.

Chevron Walls

Achieve sophisticated-looking walls by yourself with chevron walls. Start off by painting the base color you want. Then, make a grid to guide the distance and size of your chevron stripes. Use a painter’s tape and tape off every other chevron stripe in your guide. Paint the second color you want all over the wall and tape. After drying, peel off the tape very slowly and you’re done.

Wavy Stripes

wavy stripes

It may look hard to achieve and although it is time-consuming, it’s a simple way to create a beautiful design on your wall. Simply sketch out wavy lines. It doesn’t have to be neat. Then, just use the lines as a guide for painting. Use different colors or any colors you prefer.

Large Stripes

Here’s another way to put painter’s tape to good use. Paint the base color of your wall first. Then, sketch out the lines with the use of a ruler. Use newspaper and tape to cover up the striped areas. Afterwards, just paint all over the wall with the second color you want. Peel off the tape and newspaper carefully after drying.