Dining Out Tips for Diabetics


Dining out is undoubtedly a great challenge for diabetics. Restaurants commonly serve larger portions of meals on their menu which leaves diabetics problematic altogether. Instead of succumbing in to tempting but unhealthy food and starving yourself to death while the rest of your party fills their tummy to the brim, you can simply follow these helpful tips that will enable you to enjoy an appetizing dining experience without any risks of your blood sugar going on a roller coaster ride.


• Always Remember to Eat in Moderation

This is one fundamental diet guideline that people suffering from diabetes should always forget either when eating at home or dining out. Yes it is true that diabetics need to law low on intake of carbs and saturated fat sources, but eating in moderation still is the golden rule for health eating among diabetics.

Simply follow the portion sizes for food that you would normally eat at home and apply that when you are about to eat at a restaurant. There really is no need for you to count calories while eating with friends and family at your favorite restaurant. Do not hold back on the food items that you would like to get your hands on, but be sure to take small portions instead to maintain normal blood sugar level. You may still indulge while dining out by eating in moderation.

• Order the Healthier Options of your Food Favorites

If you have just been recently diagnosed with type II Diabetes, you may have suffered sadness when the doctor advised you to stay away from the fried, fatty, tasty dishes that you love so much. Bear in mind that you can still enjoy these dishes, but now with a health twist. For instance, you may want to opt for your favorite meat dish to be grilled, broiled, or baked instead of friend. Restaurants do attend to these requests without extra fee. This is due to the fact that even the food and dining industry is well aware of the worsening condition of obesity and diabetes incidence worldwide. Restaurants do have substitutes for meat on hand or you may opt to order double sides of vegetables instead.

• On Ordering Dishes with Sauces

sauces and cream

Majority of the dishes in restaurant menus feature sauces and creams with them. Although enriching and undoubtedly delicious, diabetics should realize that excessive intake of sauces, dips, creams, and condiments is altogether harmful to their health. Creams and sauces are rich in salts and spices which contain high amounts of salts, sugar, and preservatives. If possible ask for vegetable based sauces and dips instead of cream-based meals such as that of pasta Carbonara among others. Dishes smothered in thick layers of sauce are appetizing, but this can lead to a spike in blood sugar levels, which may lead to life-threatening crisis. The last thing that you’d want is go on a hyperglycemic attack while eating at a public place. Request for the sauce and dips to be placed on separate bowls so you may follow the first tip mentioned earlier- eating in moderation.
For flavorings, you may also request that the chef not add too many salt on your ordered selection. You really don’t have to bear with a meal that will cause you to develop problems while eating, thus it is best that you inform the management of what you may eat while dining at their restaurant.

• Carbohydrate Intake

Although carbohydrate intake is not recommended by doctors to patients with diabetes you still need to nourish yourself with this nutrient once in a while. Instead of ordering regular pasta or white rice, opt for healthier alternatives such as noodles made from whole wheat and brown rice.

• Be Prepared when you Eat Out

You will be dining out so expect the food to be served late. To prevent hypoglycemia, be sure to take your injections before heading out at the eating place. Eat a piece of bread or a fruit so you wouldn’t starve while waiting for your orders, especially if you decide to dine at a jam-packed restaurant.

• Choose your Salad Wisely


Yes, it is true that salad seems to be the most sensible choice among people with diabetes. But bear in mind that there are salads that are filled with fried meats such as bacon, cheeses, and salty salad dressings. Make sure to order a salad that features a whole lot of greens and is topped off with natural fruit or veggie based dressing.

• Share Sweets

Most diabetics try to stay away from sweets when dining out. While the rest are devouring their ice creams, cakes, and cupcakes you end up watching over them, dying of jealousy. You really don’t have to cut your sugar intake totally! Instead, ask for an extra spoon and fork and ask for friends to share a small portion of their dessert orders instead. In this way, you will be able to rebel on the gastronomic ecstasy that desserts are known to offer.
Another option that you can make is to eat sweets on the go! One of the best desserts that you can indulge on is frozen yogurt. After eating out, you may want to order dessert for takeout. By eating sweets while moving, you burn off the extra calories, thus effectively eliminating the chances of increased blood sugar.

• Fine Dine and Wine

Diabetics have this misconception that they are not allowed to drink alcohol. Well, you can actually especially if everyone around you is having a blast drinking fine wine and great-tasting beer. Be sure to limit your alcohol intake to two glasses after a meal. If the alcohol content of the liquor or beer that you ordered is higher than usual, lower intake down to one glass instead.

These tips will surely make you want to eat out more regularly. In addition, this simply goes to show that even diabetics can still live a normal and highly satisfying life despite their condition!