DIY 101: A List of Soothing DIY Bath Salts to Try


It’s so easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives, but the thing is, to be effective in what we do, everyone needs to be able to de-stress. And what more can be more relaxing than spending some time soaking in a warm scented bath.

But don’t think that you need to go somewhere expensive to get that much-needed aromatherapy treatment that you’re craving, because if you’re motivated enough, you can always DIY your way to your zen zone with the help of some fragrant bath salts. All you need is a handful of Epsom salts and some of your favorite essential oils.  So sit back and relax with these soothing bath salts that you can create for your own use. A quick reminder though especially if you are pregnant or have some health concerns–make sure to ask your physician’s advice first before using essential oils in any amounts.

Create your own lavender bath salts

Lavender is a sure-fire way to add a soothing effect to these bath salts.  A few drops of purple food coloring will give off a very-nice looking ombre effect when it settles at the bottom of the container. Don’t forget to stir the contents before use.

Vanilla + Eucalyptus bath salts

People will certainly love the relaxing combo of vanilla and minty eucalyptus. But these bath salts will not only satisfy your nostrils, because the eucalyptus essential oil it contains can act as a natural deodorant and anti-inflammatory agent.  The jojoba content of vanilla on the other hand can aid in moisturizing your skin as you soak yourself in the tub.

Orange + Peppermint bath salts

This one is good stress reliever and is great for that before-bed soak in the tub.

Rosemary bath salts

A hint of rosemary can be very energizing and when added to your bath salts, it can serve as a reinvigorating agent. For a more festive flair, try adding a few drops of green food coloring to your jar.

Rainbow bath salts

This one’s super easy to do and a really creative way to transform those rather plain-looking Epsom bath salts into something so fun and colourful. Gather your bath salts in a plastic bag and add a few drops of food coloring then start shaking the bag. You may also add a few drops of essential oils to create a lush layer of scent.

Image from Etsy

Rose milk bath

This is a combo of Epsom bath salts and powdered milk. Not only is it very relaxing when used during bathing, it can also help in sloughing off dead skin cells. A drop of rose essential oil can add an even more calming tone to this simple yet effective concoction.

Honey almond oil bath salts

If what you want is a boost in skin moisture, then look no further– honey and almond oil is going to be your next go-to bath salt additions.

Vanilla bath salts

Ran out of essential oils to use? Don’t fret, check your cupboards for leftover vanilla extract.  Whole vanilla beans may also do the trick in transforming your Epsom salts into a soothing bath agent.

Mint mojito bath salts

It shouldn’t take you forever to reward yourself with a relaxing dip in the bathtub! And when it comes to relaxing, nothing beats soaking yourself in a tub that smells like a mint mojito…sipping a cocktail of the same name—optional.

Orange dream bath salts

This is another bath salt that is surely going to be a hit when given as gift or party favors.  Again, you may check into your cupboards and look for vanilla and orange extracts plus some food coloring. Add to your Epsom salts, and voila! Instant two-toned bath salts that are to die for!