DIY Butterfly Garden

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Is your garden looking a bit drab and dreary? Does it need to be revamped as soon as possible to bring in new life to your otherwise dying outdoors? How about building your very own butterfly garden? It’s quite interesting to see butterflies flitting and flying from one flower to the next with their gorgeous colors contrasting to the blooms in the garden. Seeing vibrant colors in your outdoor can also add value to your space, not to mention make you want to spend more time tending your garden because of the beauty that is waiting for your eyes to feast upon it.

It’s quite simple to build your own butterfly garden. Here are a few steps on how to build yours that will make your outdoors look better than before.

  1. Start researching. It pays to do your research first before you start your garden because you need to learn what kinds of butterflies are native to your location. This will also help you temper your expectations when it comes to the kinds of butterflies you want to see in your garden.
  1. Choose your host plants. Based on your research, determine which plants are appropriate as hosts for larvas. Some examples are parsley and milkweed.
  1. Get the nectar plants. Plants that have nectar in them serve as sources of food for butterflies. There are quite a lot of flowering plants that fall under this category so take your time in choosing those that are appropriate for the kinds of butterflies you want to attract to your garden.
  1. Map out your garden on paper. It’s important that you come up with a plan for your garden so you will know where to put your flowering plants. Think about how much sunlight they need, water, and the like. This will make it easier for butterflies to thrive in your garden as well.
  1. Purchase seeds and plants to add to your butterfly garden. Consult your book on what plants are ideal to attract butterflies so you can buy them from the garden store in your area. You can grow them from seeds or transplant grown ones in your garden.
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  1. Start planting. When planting for your butterfly garden, make sure that you care for the seedlings as they start to grow. Get rid of weeds that may steal the nutrients from your plants.
  1. Wait for the butterflies to come. The more you tend your butterfly garden, the better it will thrive. And the more it thrives, the more chances of seeing butterflies making their home in your beautiful garden. Inspect plants closely if there are caterpillars and take care that they won’t be disturbed. You should also pay attention to the changes in temperature and plant condition so you can keep an eye out on the health of your butterflies. Caring for your garden will make it a nice habitat for these beautiful creatures.
  1. Enjoy your butterfly garden. After all that hard work you’ve put into building your butterfly garden, seeing those butterflies thriving in your space will surely be something to look forward to. Enjoy the beauty of your garden and its new inhabitants.

As you can see, creating your own butterfly garden won’t be that hard to do as long as you have an idea on what kinds of butterflies you want to see thriving in your garden and determining which plants are perfect for their homes. With patience and understanding of how butterflies live, you will be able to pull this DIY project of yours with ease in no time.