DIY Gift Boxes


Sometimes, choosing your gift is not that difficult a task. However, it doesn’t quite end there. You must also find and choose a way to wrap it. The biggest problem for gift-givers often lies in giving a small gift. It’s difficult to find a clever and efficient gift box that would be just perfect for a small item. Luckily, there’s an easier and much cheaper way to wrap your small gifts. With just a few stationary tools, you can make an easy DIY gift box that would be perfectly suitable for your item. Here are a few DIY gift boxes you can choose from.

1. Pyramid Gift Box

All you’ll need for this pyramid gift box is card stock, puncher, scissors, and ribbon. Draw or print the template for the pyramid gift box on a sheet of card stock then cut it out along the outermost lines. Punch a hole on the tip of each triangle. Fold the card stock along the lines then secure the pyramid together by looping a ribbon through the punched holes and tying it in place.

2. Sneak Peek Gift Box

Leave an opening on both sides of your gift box to give the receiver a sneak peek of what he’s about to receive. This beautiful gift box is best for organisable items such as chocolates or products which you can fit securely in the item holder. Simply cut out the template on something stiff like a stationary board or card stock to keep it from sagging. Fold along the dotted lines then secure the edges with glue and the top with ribbon.

3. Hexagon Gift Box

Wrapping your gift in a hexagon gift box is another way to be creative. Just draw or print out the template on a card stock then cut along the hard lines. Afterwards, fold it along the broken lines and secure the seams with glue. This is best for relatively flat items but the template can be altered to make it thicker or bigger in size.

4. Pouch Gift Box

With this gift box, you’ll have the liberty to make the template on your own with the aid of a circular object. Just choose any round object, such as a CD, and then make two overlapping circles on a card stock using the object. Use the same round object to make three adjacent curves on the rest of each of the two circles you drew so that you’ll have a diamond shape at the center of each circle. Cut the outermost lines then fold along the inner curves that formed the diamond shape. Secure the pouch by gluing the seams together, leaving one open. Fit your gift through the open side, close, and then wrap with a ribbon.

5. Paper Cup Gift Box

This easy paper cup gift box doesn’t require the hassle of relying on a template. Start by cutting off the seam of a paper cup. Then, cut vertical strips about an inch into the cup all around the mouth of it. Place your gift inside then fold the strips inward either overlapping the previous folded strip or alternating overlapped strips. Keep the gift box closed by securing it with a strip of ribbon or twine.

6. Square Gift Box

Of course, DIY gift boxes would not be complete without including the traditional, square gift box. The great thing about a square gift box is that the template can be easily made and it can be easily adjusted to make the box big or small to fit any item you want.

Simply cut out the template on a card stock or stationary board, fold along the lines, and then secure the seams with glue. You can even ornament the inside of the box with a doily to make it more elegant. Wrap it with a ribbon to finish the gift box look.