DIY Ideas for Repurposing Bathtub


Lounging in your bathtub can be quite relaxing especially after a long day at work but when your bathtub is already in need of replacement, disposing of it immediately shouldn’t be the first thing in your mind. If you want to do your part for the environment, repurposing your bathtub should be something to consider.

Repurpose Bathtubs Today

Just imagine how much space your bathtub can take up in a dump site so instead of adding to all the junk being thrown daily, try these repurposing ideas first when it comes to your bathtub.

  1. Garden tub. Going green is definitely on top of the list of things that you can do with your old bathtub. Find a corner in your garden where you want to place your tub, fill it up with soil, then start planting your favorite blooms or shrubs whichever you prefer. You can even use it to plant vegetables if you like so you will have a container garden to enjoy.
  1. Bench. Another DIY idea that is perfect for your bathtub is to transform it into a bench. You will need to cut one side of the tub so you can place some wooden planks on it to complete your bench.
  1. Modern chairs. This DIY project may require some skills in woodworking. First you will need to cut the tub into two. Create a base for each end of the tub before you secure it in place. Add some cushions to them to complete your chair. You can use any material as base for your tub chair so feel free to use your imagination.
  1. Fish pond. What better way to reuse your tub than creating a fish pond I it? You can either embed the tub in the soil or build a raised pond for your garden. Add some oxygen to let the water circulate and add your choice of fish. Place some water lilies and other decorations to complete your pond.
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  1. Mosaic. Broken pots, tiles, and even CDs can be installed around the tub to give it a unique look. Fill it up with your favorite plants and place it in your yard or porch if you like. For sure, your guests will be talking about your unique piece when they drop by for a visit.
  1. Bath house for pets. For pet owners, you can convert your old bathtub into a tub for your pets. This way, you will have more room to scrub your furry pal clean without wasting water. Plus, since you will be placing it outside, your pets can use it as a place to cool down particularly when the temperature rises during the summer season.
  1. Drink cooler. Mini tubs will always have a place in your home and if you’re wondering how to repurpose it, you can transform it into a drink cooler. Simply fill the tub with ice and place your drinks in it so you will have something cool to drink especially when you’re hosting a party. It’s a unique way to chill your choice of liquor and anyone can serve themselves too.
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  1. Sofa. Another DIY idea that you can apply to your old bathtub is to transform it into a chic sofa. Cut one side of the tub first before repainting the exterior and the legs. Add a cushion inside and pillows to complete your new sofa.

Who said that your bathtub won’t be useful? With these ideas in mind, you can bring new life to your old tub which can add more value to your space and your skills too.