Early Signs of Pregnancy: Symptoms Women Experience when They are Pregnant


Women who are preparing for pregnancy should educate themselves about the different things that they should expect and what they should do in order to successfully carry the child they are bearing. These things that they should expect include experiencing the early signs of pregnancy. There are many women who are unaware of the early signs of pregnancy, and most of them think that these signs and indications that they are feeling are just symptoms of pre menstrual syndrome. Since it is true that the early symptoms of pregnancy are similar to the signs of pre menstrual syndrome, women who are preparing for pregnancy should be more informed about these things.


What to Expect when Preparing for Pregnancy

There are many tips on how to get pregnant fast such as the use of prediction methods utilizing the basal thermometer. These tips for getting pregnant have been proven effective, thus; many couples, especially women, follow these tips in order for them to increase their chances of getting pregnant. However, it is not enough that women just educate themselves about these tips for getting pregnant. Women who are preparing for pregnancy should also be informed about the things that they should expect when they have been able to successfully conceive a child in order to avoid any potential problems as well as to reduce the risks involved with pregnancy.

Different for Every Woman

After following the tried and tested tips for getting pregnant or the most effective methods on how to get pregnant fast to increase the chances of getting pregnant, women may already expect to experience the early signs of pregnancy. It is important to understand that these early symptoms of pregnancy vary and not all women may experience all the known indications of being pregnant. The early symptoms of pregnancy may vary in intensity, frequency as well as duration. Some of these symptoms of pregnancy are common among a lot of pregnant women, but some may not experience these symptoms until they are well into their pregnancy.

Skipped or Missed Menstrual Periods

Among the early signs of pregnancy, a skipped or missed menstrual period is one of the most common signs of pregnancy. This is in fact, one of the earliest signs that a woman who is pregnant may experience. However, there are some women who may experience this not because they are pregnant, but because they have medical problems such as hormonal imbalance. It is important to know that there are some cases wherein a woman is already pregnant but may still experience light menstruation. If you following all the tips for getting pregnant, then you should expect that having skipped or missed menstrual periods maybe a sign that you are already carrying a child.

Morning Sickness

Morning sickness and nausea are two of the very common early signs of pregnancy. These symptoms have affected as much as 70% of women who are pregnant, and may even be more severe in women who are having their first pregnancy. For the first 14 weeks of pregnancy, there are certain hormonal levels that can be elevated that will result in morning sickness. When this happens, the elevated hormonal levels affect the digestive system which then causes vomiting, gas, constipation as well as nausea. These symptoms may even be further aggravated by fatigue and emotional stress.

Tender or Sore Breasts


If you are feeling tenderness or soreness in your breasts, then you may already be experiencing early signs of pregnancy. While it is true that tenderness or soreness in the breasts are also signs of pre menstrual syndrome, enlargement of the breasts are not included. These early indications of pregnancy are often evident at night when a pregnant woman is trying to find a comfortable sleeping position. Tenderness or soreness in the breasts can also be felt while performing physical activities such as exercising, showering, or dressing up. These early indications that a woman is pregnant are caused by the hormones preparing the body for milk production.

Exhaustion and Fatigue

Exhaustion and fatigue are also early signs of pregnancy, especially if there is presence of other symptoms. Women who are already carrying a child may experience the need to constantly rest or go to bed earlier than usual. There are also some women who may experience difficulties in getting out of bed the morning after they wake up. This is another form of exhaustion and fatigue in pregnant women. Exhaustion and fatigue can also result in pregnant women finding it harder to perform their daily activities and physical activities. These early symptoms of pregnancy are also caused by the elevation of certain hormonal levels.

Pregnancy Headaches

morning sickness

Pregnancy headaches are also considered as early signs of pregnancy. These symptoms often occur during the 6th week of pregnancy. Headaches, not only those that occur during pregnancy are hard to tolerate, however, pregnancy headaches are only a temporary symptom that women who are carrying a child will experience. These symptoms often disappear by the end of the fourth month, or in some women, by the end of the third month. Resting or a quick nap can help alleviate pregnancy headaches. However, it is vital that pregnant women who have persisting headaches already seek the advice of their doctor since these may be symptoms of underlying medical problems.