Eight Ways to Repurpose Cassette Tapes


The reign of cassette tapes ended once technology took over. And if you grew up in the era of cassette taped audio and retro music players, you probably have a ton of cassette tapes lying around. Now that even the music of long ago can be downloaded and added to your playlist, there truly is no more need to keep old cassette tapes other than to clutter your home. Another option is to bring them back to life by repurposing them. Here are some great ways cassette tapes have been repurposed for something retro and creative.

1. Cassette Tape Lamp

1 lamp


By arranging dozens of cassette tapes into a visually appealing pattern, you can make a pretty cool lamp. Cassette tape lamps have actually been made by designers and sold for profit. If you’re nifty with tools, you can be creative and make your own lamp out of your own old cassette tapes.

2. Cassette Tape Wallet

2 wallet


With just some zipper, cloth, hot glue, needle, and thread, you can make a retro wallet out of your old cassette tapes. If you have a rather plain looking pouch beforehand, then just go ahead and stick the outsides of a cassette tape on either side of the pouch to give it a new look.

3. iPod Nano Case

3 ipod nano


Here’s a great way to clash the old and the new. You can actually manipulate your old 60 minute cassette tapes into an iPod nano casing. Although there are iPod casings available that come in cassette tape designs, you can actually use the real thing. It’s just a matter of unleashing your creativity. Gut, router, and rebuild your cassette tape to perfectly fit your iPod nano.

4. Phone Case and Stand

4 phone case stand


The casing of your old cassette tapes can be repurposed for your phone instead. If your phone fits the cassette tape casing, then voilà! Now you have a new phone casing that greatly disguises your phone. Flip it over and it can serve as a stand as well. You can even drill holes in it for your earphone or charger jack.

5. Clothes Rack

5 clothes rack


Here’s a great DIY you can do at the comfort of your home. Hollow out two cassette tapes. Then, cut a wedge on one to serve as the hook for your clothes. Glue this on perpendicularly to the other cassette tape. Finally, screw on the other cassette tape on a block of wood. Make one or two more on the same block of wood and you have your own cassette tape clothes rack.

6. Pencil Holder

6 pencil holder


You can make an easy, retro, cassette tape pencil holder in just a matter of minutes. Simply glue on the edges of four cassette tapes together to form a square and it’s done. Just place your pens, pencils, ruler, or scissors in the middle where the cassette tapes formed a square hole. If you don’t want your stationary tools to fall off when you lift it, glue on some cardboard box on the bottom.

7. CD Holder

7 cd holder


Making a CD holder out of old cassette tapes is surprisingly easy to do. Just insert a screw bar on one of the several holes on a cassette tape. Insert another screw bar on the hole on the opposite end. Using some screw nuts, separate each cassette tape from one another. This gap is where you can fit your CDs. You can even place this CD holder upright on your wall and it would still be just as reliable.

8. Cassette Tape Blank Book

8 blank book


DIY notebooks are pretty famous nowadays since it gives you the option of personalization in terms of notebook cover and pages. In the same sense, you can make a blank book and use an old cassette tape as cover. You can attach the papers, cassette tape, and back cover together with just some length of thread. It’s retro, creative, and personalized.