Eights Tips For Growing Your Hair Out Longer


Long hair can make any young woman look mature and any mature woman look young. That’s why many women strive to achieve longer hair. Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. Women who’ve tried growing out their hair know just how much of a struggle it is.

Theoretically, growing out your hair seems simple. Just don’t cut it. However, it still takes months or maybe even years to reach the hair length you’re hoping for. Moreover, within that waiting process, your hair begins to get damaged. Damaged hair is very hard to handle since it gets tangled easily, gets frizzy, dries out, or becomes too greasy. The longer your hair becomes the more damaged hair you have to handle. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to achieve that lustrous long hair you want. Here are eight tips you can follow for growing your hair out longer.

Tip #1: Eat protein.

Your hair is practically made of protein so it’s no surprise that a protein-rich diet will not only help your hair grow out faster, it will also keep your hair strong and shiny as it grows. Protein is also a great companion if you’re trying to lose weight as it is both nutritious and fulfilling thereby effectively preventing you from getting cravings.

Tip #2: Trim your hair often.

Even though the goal is to grow out your hair, it’s actually better to have consistent trims. Of course, you shouldn’t cut inches off of your hair—just cut enough to get rid of the split ends, about an eighth of an inch. If you just leave split ends alone, your hair will grow out brittle and break off higher up on the strand making it shorter. And if it’s time to cut your hair, you’ll have to cut it way shorter because of the splits that made their way up the strands.

Tip #3: Brush your hair when dry, comb your hair when wet.

Brush your hair for a few minutes every day to keep it healthy and to stimulate its growth. Use a brush that would cause less breakage. Additionally, combing your hair when it’s wet is a good way to help it grow.

Tip #4: Use conditioner.

Conditioning is a great way to replace the lipids and proteins inside your hair shaft and to seal the cuticles of your hair thereby preventing further damage. By using conditioner every time you shampoo, you’re helping your hair grow longer, healthier, and shinier. If you have greasy hair, you can just put the conditioner on the lower half of your hair. After all, it’s the ends that don’t get their share of natural oils anymore from the scalp.

Tip #5: Minimize the use of heat.

Heat is perhaps the greatest enemy of healthy hair. When you use heat every day, you’re stripping your hair off of its protective layer of proteins and natural oils making it more brittle and damaged through time. The sun is already damaging enough. Blow drying, curling, or straightening your hair will be even worse.

Tip #6: Use heat protectant spray.

If you absolutely need to style your hair if you just can’t help but use heat-emitting devices like blow dryer, straightening or curling iron, then use heat protectant spray beforehand. This way, you can at least minimize or maybe even prevent the damage that the heat will cause.

Tip #7: Don’t shampoo every time you shower.

Shampoo was made to wash away dirt from your hair and it can take your hair’s natural oils along with it. That’s why it’s not a good idea to shampoo your hair every time you shower. Your hair will get drier, more brittle, and more prone to damage. If you do use shampoo, remember to condition afterwards.

Tip #8: Massage your scalp.

Stimulating the follicles of your hair is a great way to induce growth so if you can’t wait to get longer hair, massage your scalp for fifteen minutes two to three times per week.