Eleven Awesome Things You Can Do With The Google Search Engine


Google is one of the most widely used websites on the Internet and no one can deny the endless usefulness it can offer. As Google continued to gain popularity throughout the years, the developers develop more and more features to it in order to make it both easier to use and more fun. Fun, because the people behind Google hide a couple of Easter eggs that only a small portion of the millions of its users know about. Here are some of the awesome things you can do with the Google search engine.

1. Google Translate.

The fact that Google offers Google Translate is already impressive. You can discover what words or phrases are in another language. Although it’s not always accurate, it’s already endlessly useful. But did you know that you can also translate foreign characters into your language through Google Translate? If you open Google Translate, you’ll see a pencil on the lower left of the text box. If you click on it, you’ll find that you can actually manually draw foreign characters in order to find out its meaning. Try it out with Chinese or Japanese characters and see for yourself.

2. Spin The Page.

If you search for “do a barrel roll” or “Z or R twice” on the Google search engine, Google will, in fact, do a barrel roll. This means that the page will spin 180° clockwise.

3. Speed Calculator.

If you don’t have a calculator on-hand and you badly need it, Google can offer a great alternative. And the best part is that you don’t have to open another website to get your results if you’re using Google Chrome. Simply type in the equation on the address bar and you’ll immediately see the results. If you’re not using Chrome, type the equation on the Google search bar and click Enter. This only works for simple equations though. Use “+” for addition, “-“ for subtraction, “*” for multiplication, “/” for division, “% of” for the percentage of, and “^” for exponents.

4. Tilt The Page.

Another Google Easter egg you’ll find is by searching for “tilt” or “askew” and the page will yield an off-kilter search site.

5. Breakout.

Try searching for “Atari breakout” in the Google search engine then click on “Images.” The page will then turn into a Breakout game made of the images that the engine will find. A great way to kill time.

6. Zerg Rush.

Another entertaining game offered by the Google search engine is Zerg Rush. Search for “zerg rush” in the Google search engine and your page will be attacked by red and yellow letter Os acting like the zerglings from the real-time strategy game StarCraft. The Os will quickly eat up your search results if you don’t shoot them with your mouse. If you lose, the Os will spell out GG referring to the phrase, “Good Game.”

7. Nutritional Value.

You can quickly compare the nutritional value of two foods by searching for “[food] vs [food]” wherein a nutritional value chart would then appear comparing both food in detail.

8. Anagram.

Searching for “anagram” or “define anagram” will invoke Google’s playful spirit as it anagrams the word “anagram” or “define anagram” respectively in the “Did you mean:” section of the page.

9. The Answer to Life.

Google can answer all of your questions, even the question of life. Try searching for “the answer to life the universe and everything” and Google will answer just that with “42,” a reference to A Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

10. Google in 1998.

If you’re feeling a little nostalgic, travel back in time by searching for “Google in 1998” and the page will appear the way it did back then.

11. Game of Life.

Searching for “Conway’s Game of Life” will run a “life simulation” on the right side of the screen created by the British mathematician John Conway in 1970. It’s not really a game. You’ll just have the pleasure of observing the rapid growth of a population through time.