Five DIY Coin Bank Ideas


There are currently so many practical methods of saving money such as with the use of ATM cards or passbook saving accounts. Using coin banks or piggy banks are the most traditional ways to save money and although not many people use them anymore, they can still serve great uses. For instance, saving up for a low cost item such as clothes or shoes is more easily done with coin banks. It really is impractical to put small amounts at a time in your ATM account. Or perhaps, you fill up your coin bank first before transferring it into your savings account. One of the greatest uses of coin banks until now is for teaching children the importance of saving. Thus, no matter how advanced the generation may appear to be, coin banks will still have their purpose and place.

To make saving more fun and something to look forward to, consider making your own personalized coin bank instead of buying the common store-bought ones. There’s no need to spend to start saving. Here are some creative DIY coin bank ideas that might inspire you to make your own.

  1. Fabric Conditioner Piggy Bank


Aside from being a great way to teach children the importance of saving, using an old fabric conditioner bottle as a piggy bank is eco-friendly too. Set the bottle handle-side up and use an X-ACTO knife or cutter to make a vertical slit below where the handle is. This is where the coin will go. Add embellishments for the ears and eyes and maybe even add a tail and legs as well. A pink fabric conditioner bottle will complete the “piggy” look of the piggy bank.

  1. Plastic Bottle Piggy Bank


Alternatively, you can use any plastic bottle as your personalized piggy bank. Make a slit on the side of the bottle and set it slit-side up. Just like the fabric conditioner piggy bank, add embellishments for the ears, eyes, nose, legs, and tail if you want. Using a plastic bottle as a piggy bank will teach children of the importance of saving as well as recycling.

  1. Globe Coin Bank


If you’re saving up to travel or if you’re simply allured by wanderlust, why not use a globe as your coin bank to further inspire you? You can just go right ahead and make a slit on your globe to put your money in. Or if you want your money to be retrievable, choose one of the squares formed by the grid in the globe. Use an X-ACTO knife or cutter to cut only three sides of the square. Attach a strip of tape on the inside of the “door” and fold the excess on itself. The folded excess will serve as the “knob” to your “door.” You can then just insert your money through the cut.

  1. Mason Jar Bank


There are many ways you can redesign a mason jar into a coin bank. You can simply make a rectangular slit on the airtight screw top, repaint the whole jar, or just leave it as it is, and it’s already a usable coin bank. You can add your own designs and personalize it any way you prefer. One tip is to leave the glass as it is and use a whiteboard marker to write and rewrite whatever it is you’re saving for. Or you can repaint the entire jar to make it look like a piggy bank or any character you want.

  1. Toilet Paper Core Piggy Bank


You can make a piggy bank out of the core of a toilet paper. All you need is some fabric (felt, if you want), some ribbon, a toilet paper core, and needle and thread (or fabric glue). Cut the piggy shapes into the fabric and sew or glue it on around the toilet paper core. Make a rectangular slit on the top, add some embellishments, and your fabric and toilet paper core piggy bank is done.