Five Ways To Renew Your Old Jeans


Everyone has old jeans lying around and more often than not, when its age starts to show, you won’t wear it anymore. However, you can always bring those jeans back to life. Here are five ways to renew your old jeans:

1. Lace Cuff Jeans

jeans 1

One easy way to renew your jeans is to design the cuffs with laces to add ornamental beauty that’ll surely beat your old jeans.
• Fold the ends of your jeans to form the cuff as high or as low as you want. You can also decide on the thickness you want. Sew the cuffs into place.
• Cut out a strip of lace that’ll fit into the folded cuffs and simply sew it on or use fabric glue to keep the lace intact.
• Alternatively, you can just sew or glue on the lace directly on the ends of the jeans.

2. Distressed Jeans

distressed jeans

Deliberately and smartly ripping your jeans is a well-known way to bring your old jeans back to life and give it that classic distressed look.
• Use a chalk to create a guide for the parts of the jeans you’ll be distressing. Otherwise, you might rip out too much or the distressed parts might be awkwardly placed.
• Place a cardboard inside the pant leg under the part you’ll be distressing.
• Using a cutter, or any sharp blade, make horizontal cuts within the guide, following the horizontal lines of the white threads you’ll see beneath the pants. You’ll want to keep as many of these white threads intact as possible.
• Separate the white threads from the jean fabric by scratching the blade on the surface of the part where you made the horizontal cuts.
• Make sure you’re left with a threadbare patch and it’s done. Make patches on other parts of the jeans, as well.

3. Tie-Dye Bleach Jeans

tie dye jeans

If you have dark-colored jeans that begs to be renewed, consider bleach tie-dying them.
• Soak your jeans in water until completely wet. Wring it out.
• Use a rubber band to tie your jeans as many times as you want. Don’t think too much about it. Just tie your jeans in different, random places. It doesn’t have to be neat. The more rubber bands you use the more dark patches you’ll have since the rubber band will keep that part of the jeans from getting bleached.
• Soak your jeans in a bucket of water and bleach. It would be a good idea to place something heavy on top of the jeans to keep it soaked in bleach underwater.
• Afterwards, rinse your jeans in cold water, let it set, and wash as usual.

4. Dip Dye Jeans

dip dye jeans

If you’re not satisfied with the color of your jeans, dip-dying is always a solution.
• Take note of the color of your jeans. Is it white? Acid-washed? Blue? Now think of what color would complement your jeans nicely.
• Prepare the dye solution in a bucket by mixing the color of the dye you want with hot water and a bit of dish-washing liquid.
• Dip the portion of the jeans you want dyed into the solution. Wait until you reach the desired color.
• Afterwards, rinse your jeans in cold water, let it set, and wash as usual.
• Alternatively, you can simply use bleach instead of dye.
• Take note that if you’re dying a light color into dark-colored jeans, you may have to bleach that portion of the jeans first so that the dye’s color would show.

5. Jeans into Shorts

jeans shorts

If all else fails, consider turning your old jeans into new short.
• Cut one pant leg as short as you want. You can cut it straight or into an outward angle to give it a high-waisted look. Fold it into the other pant leg and use that as a guide for the uncut pant leg. Cut and you’re done!
• Alternatively, you can cut the pants a bit longer than desired and fold the ends to add a hem to the shorts. Sew the hem into place. This will prevent the shorts from fraying at the ends.