Foods To Avoid If You Want A Better Sex Life


Here are Foods To Avoid If You Want A Better Sex Life

If you are a coffee lover, then it is better than you reduce taking a lot of coffee to become a good performer in bed. Taking 5 to 6 cups of coffee every day will cause damage to your adrenal glands. This can also lead to sexual imbalance. Hence, limit to just one or two cups of coffee everyday to impress your partner in bed.

Hot Dogs Burgers
Although this festival favorite is certainly a suggestive treat, noshing on wieners isn’t a good-time guarantee. The summer staple’s high saturated fat content clogs the penile and vaginal arteries, creating not-so-prime circumstances for sexy time, says .

Bad breath may be a turn-off, but freshening it up might not help your situation in the sack. The menthol in peppermint has been shown to reduce testosterone levels, sending sex drive plummeting.

Many people believe that alcohol is very good before sex as it helps them to shed off their inhibitions and approach their partner better. There are even people believe that consumption of a little bit of alcohol increases their sexual drive and makes them a perfect performer in bed.

French Fries
Do you want fries with that? If you’re hoping to get lucky, your man’s answer should be “no.” As with hot dogs, the trans-fat in fries can negatively impact testosterone levels and circulation. Fries’ high salt content also can make it trickier for men with high blood pressure to stay erect. For healthy folks, the sodium can bring on the not-so-sexy sensation of bloating. If you’re craving potato, eat a baked one instead, suggests Dr. Richard. It releases the feel-good chemical dopamine, improving your time between the sheets.

Consider taming your tofu habit, at least for tonight. With high amounts of plant-based phytoestrogens, a lot of the soy-based food can up estrogen levels, says Dr. Richard. And extra estrogen is a sex-drive stealer in men and women. As a vegetarian-friendly alternative, whip up some eggs. High in vitamins B5 and B6, the breakfast staple fights stress and balances hormones for a healthier libido

Canned Food
This simple solution for dinner is also one of the simplest ways to kill the mood. All canned foods’ high sodium levels can make you gassy since the salt causes you to retain fluid, explains Dr. Fulbright. If you can’t kick cans to the curb, at least wash the contents in a mesh strainer or soak the food in water for about 20 minutes to nix some of the salt, recommends Youkilis.

A Bottle of Wine
If a glass of Malbec sets the mood, a whole bottle should really get things going, right? Wrong-too much booze can turn that initial buzz into a buzz kill. Alcohol lowers your sensitivity to touch and weakens orgasms, says Dr. Richard. A 2008 University of Washington study also found that sober men maintained their erections better than their drunk counterparts. So if you’re hoping to score, limit your liquor to two drinks each.

Bowls of Oatmeal
There’s no doubt that this morning munch has a slew of health benefits. In fact, oatmeal helps your body produce the stress-reducer known as serotonin, a moderate amount of which is good for yoursex drive. But Dr. Richard says bowl after bowl in a single sitting has the opposite effect, lowering sexual desire. Plus, oatmeal’s high fiber content also can lead to that unpleasant, gassy feeling. Again, serving up eggs should up your chances for A.M. fun.

Fruit After a Meal
Sucking on strawberries sounds like a sexy post-dinner treat. Nope! Fruits digest pretty quickly when there’s no slow-to-digest supper holding them back. This lag time can cause tummy troubles, like bloating, cramping and bowel problems, says Youkilis. A better idea: Wait at least two hours after a hefty dinner until you start a fruit-for-all.