Four Creative Ways To Recycle A Milk Or Juice Carton


A lot of effort has been put in recycling given the current situation of the environment. In this time and period, with a little creativity, you can reuse anything and save a lot of money. Many have contributed their ideas for recycling and many have recycled by following these ideas. Recycling is a minor contribution that does so much help to the environment and to its inhabitants. Currently, there is an abundance of used milk and juice cartons, since these beverages are commonly found in schools and parks. You can recycle and reuse the milk and juice cartons of your kids and it will also be a fun project for the whole family. Here are a few creative ideas on how you can recycle and reuse milk and juice cartons.

1. Toy Cars

1 carton carsimage source

Toy cars are usually made of plastic and they can be expensive. For a cheap toy car, you can cut up a clean milk or juice carton and turn it into a car or a truck. You can use bottle caps for wheels. Stick them together by tape or hot glue. Paint it with non-toxic paint or leave it as is. And this can be a fun toy for the kids, and you can make another one if the first one breaks or is lost, and you don’t have to spend that much money on it.

2. Bird House

2 carton bird houseimage source

A bird house will be a beautiful addition to your backyard. You can make it from recycled milk or juice cartons. All you need is the carton, paint, scissors, a Popsicle stick or a wooden spoon, strings and pebbles. Cut holes on the carton, enough for the bird to enter and exit. Glue or place the Popsicle stick or wooden spoon just below the hole. Paint the carton and let it dry. Fill it with pebbles, enough to fill the bottom one-fourth of the carton and enough that the string can hold it. Put a hole on top of the carton and put the string. Hang it on your backyard, you can also add in birdfeed to attract the little critters.

3. Snack Box

3 carton sncak boximage source

Another way to use an old milk or juice carton is by making them into snack box. Cut the carton in a way that it can have covers. Cover the carton with washi tapes, paint or just leave it as it is. This can be used to store cookies, muffins and other sweet delights.

4. Building Blocks

4 carton building blocksimage source

Milk or juice cartons can be made out into building blocks, designed as desired. The process is fairly long but worth it. Since this is custom made, it is unique. You will need milk or juice cartons (two for each block), images of choice, newspaper ripped in one inch squares, Mod-Podge or glue with water, liquid starch, spray paint, artist oil paint, polyurethane, masking tape, fine sand paper, scissors and a craft knife. Cut the cartons as so you make cubes out of them. Cover the cube cartons with paper mache made out of the newspaper dipped in liquid starch, smooth it down and dry for a day. Sand the dry block and add another layer of paper mache and let it dry. Spray paint the cubes with desired the desired color and let it dry. Cut the images as so it will fit the cubes you made and that it will look the way you desire it to. Use Mod-Podge to stick the images in each side of the cube and when it’s dry, cover the entire cube with Mod-Podge and let dry.

Apply craquelure varnish if available and let it dry thoroughly. Rub a small amount of artist oil paint using a soft rag, color may vary according to desired design, but for an antique look, color must contrast the background color of the cube. Let it dry for a day. Apply two coats of polyurethane and let dry. You can create so many designs, letter block, antique blocks and many more.